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Chennai, India, 2021-Sep-14 — /EPR Network/ — When it comes to travel services in Chennai, there are various types of services such as rail transport, air travel, road transport, shipping etc. And every transportation service has its advantages and disadvantages.

Rail transport: Railways are the means by which goods are transported from one place to another by train. Compared with road transport, it is much easier to travel as it is guided by the railways. In addition, Rail Transportation is used for the use of goods and is capable of handling many large goods at the same time.

Air Freight, also known as air cargo, is a mode of transport used to transport cargo faster by air. Airfreight is the most important mode of travel when shipping or transporting goods at the fastest time in the world. Air cargo is shipped through the same gate as passenger or commercial airlines.

Road Transport: The transport of goods and personnel from one place to another on the streets. A road is a road between two places, either paved or paved to facilitate transport by motorized or non-motorized vehicles. There are many advantages to road transport compared to other modes of transportation. The investment required for road transport is very small compared to other modes of transport such as rail and air transport. The cost of building, operating and repairing roads is cheaper than trains.

Maritime Transport: Any transit of goods and / or passengers using marine vessels for voyages in whole or in part. A single port installation (delivery of goods shipped to coastal installations, or dumping at sea, or returned to the sea bed and unloaded at ports) is included. Bunkers and shipping stores are not included. Delivery of inland cargo between different bases or booths at the same port is excluded.


  1. Reliable:

The main advantage of rail transport is that it is the most reliable mode of transport because it is the most vulnerable to weather conditions such as rain, fog etc. compared to other modes of transport.

  1. Better Order:

Rail transport is better organized than any other form of transportation. It has fixed routes and schedules. Its service is reliable, uniform and standard compared to other modes of transportation.

  1. High speed for long distances:

Its speed over long distances is greater than any other mode of travel, except for airplanes. Therefore, it is the best choice for long-distance traffic.

  1. Suitable for Large and Heavy Equipment:

Rail transport is economical, fast and very convenient for carrying heavy and powerful goods over long distances.

  1. Cheap Transport:

It is a cheaper way to travel compared to other modes of travel. Many railway operating costs are in the form of fixed costs. All railway increases are followed by reductions in general costs. Rail transport saves on the use of workers as one driver and one guard are enough to carry more load than vehicles.

  1. Maximum power:

The capacity of the trains is enormous. In addition, its expandable capacity can be easily increased by adding more carts.

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