Appikr Ranked as the Top Mobile App Development Company in UAE, 2021

Dubai, UAE, 2021-Sep-14 — /EPR Network/ — The mobile application market is consistently booming since the inception of smartphones in the late 2000s. Earlier, the traditional PCs and computer screens were the only medium of internet surfing people had to use and many of them weren’t able to afford one. They used to hop on to a nearby cybercafé or internet service provider for a little online registration process.

Then came the smartphones and the revolution is still noticeable. It has made internet surfing so regular that the number of smartphone users is incredibly increasing every year. Currently, 6.4 billion people own smartphones across the globe. So, if you’ve got a mobile app to promote your online products and services, you have a chance to reach out to a bigger audience.

UAE has emerged as one of the most developed countries in the last 2 decades and if you’re planning to set up your business out there, you probably choose heaven. Around 530,165 registered company licenses are associated with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah alone.

Hence, a mobile app development company like Appikr can help your online business grow exceptionally along with such a hugely competitive environment. The company is ranked among the top mobile app development companies in UAE 2021 by Clutch and GoodFirms. As of today, the company has developed more than 500 mobile applications representing various OS and client requirements.

Appikr holds a firm mobile app development experience of 6 years and in such little time, it has managed to deliver over 500 mobile applications and has satisfied around 100k customers all over the world including UAE. A satisfied customer review associated with a cab services app suggests that:

“Appikr offers affordable native app development within the shortest time required to develop an app for a cab service. The developers were quite experienced and knew exactly how to instill ample features without affecting the leading time and quality of the app. The app is gaining good recognition on app stores following its professionally-designed layouts”.

Following this, the main USP of Appikr’s success rate comes out to be its highly consumer-oriented business strategy. The company covers almost every mobile application development product and service featuring user demand. Following these demands, mobile applications often undergo various updates, new features, and functionalities.

Their mobile application development service is further distributed among the enlisted sub-products and services:


iOS Apps

iOS is often considered as the symbol of quality and uniqueness in the device markets and the mobile applications associated with this OS also need to be made exceptionally pleasing by quality. Appikr understands it very well and directs its developers toward creating the best iPhone applications carrying a combination of the latest techniques and functionalities.

Android Apps

Appikr also knows where the market capital heads and consequently consider android app development to be their leading objective following the customer prerequisites and demands. The number of android smartphone users is way higher than the number of iPhone users worldwide. Though you can’t neglect to integrate your online business with iOS app support you must start with the android version initially.

Hybrid Apps

Moving ahead there are mobile applications that represent specific web content related to a company website. Since 2016, these mobile applications are also gaining notable popularity among particular businesses and online firms across the world. At Appikr you can find such native mobile application development support and aid your unique mobile application building objective.

Enterprise Apps

No online business could run without a specific organizational work system these days and there is separate application software that brings those systems to the company work structure. Employees are required to use multiple business apps in the office that could enhance employee relationships and integrations for better performance. Appikr is promoting such app development offers since its commencement to cover most of the consumer requirements out there.

App Integration

The concept of app integration often relates to big organizations and companies that provide different mobile applications to represent their different services. That’s quite a revolutionary way you can improve traffic and user participation on multiple mobile applications related to one business. App integration is emerging as a fine way to a new target audience and fresh consumer groups.

UI/UX Design

Web design or mobile application design is the foundation of the visual representation of your online business. The users are majorly influenced by the visuals of the websites and apps these days. These visuals further lead to user participation and actions.

The mobile app development experts at Appikr take care of the UI and organize various elements of the application perfectly to promote more and more user engagement. Additionally, they’re focused on providing enhanced user access to bring better UX encompassing your business goals.

Custom Android Apps

Customization is the new web and mobile app UX trend in the market and a very important technique for user participation that could bring exceptional traffic to your mobile application. Users look for reliability and trustworthiness these days because there are so many mobile application developers out there.

Consequently, there are many alternatives for every mobile application and unique customization can set your business goals different from others.

Apart from that, Appikr also focuses on providing world-class Android/iOS Game Development Services, Android/iOS Maintenance & Support, Custom Android App, iOS/Android Wearables, and likewise services to the budding online businesses and consumer groups around the UAE.


About Appikr

Appikr is a leading Android & iOS Mobile Application Development Company providing services in UAE, USA, UK & India. The foremost traits that differentiate Appikr from other mobile app developers in the market are their consistent approach to the user tastes and preferences and the consequent awareness of the latest technology and features. They provide the best-in-class tailor-made mobile app development services to many small, medium, and large-scale business undertakings all over the world.

Besides mobile application development & UI/UX designing roles, the company also represents active involvement in VR & AR Technology, Android Games Development, Unity 3d Games, Xamarin App Development, Flutter App Development, etc. The company has over 1200 satisfied clients and is ranked among the best Mobile App Development Companies in UAE in 2021.

It is certified as a Top App Developers 2021 on Clutch.

For more details you can go through the enlisted contact details or reach out the address:



Email Address:

Phone: +971-54-700-4175


UAE Address

Level 3, Building C3, DWTC,

Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O.Box

9573 00000, Dubai

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