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Leeds, UK, 2021-Oct-26 — /EPR Network/ — Do you know what more than 1 lac answers thousands of curious individuals and one platform have in common? It’s InsideAIML Discussion Forum. This dedicated AI Forum is a platform in which anyone can ask questions related to AI. It is non-exclusive and is open to all IT professionals, students, or any tech enthusiast. Here, the expert faculty members of InsideAIML provide relevant answers and explanations to every question, that too in less than 2 hours, sometimes in even less than 30 minutes.   

It roots for its AI dedicated community, which engages with each other on several topics like Coding, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence in general.

The InsideAIML Discussion forum is highly focused on its content and provides a candid view of the topic being discussed. The content is often unstructured, but it contains a variety of social data types that can be used to improve organizational decision-making workflows.

Content created within this community can be used to identify trends, sentiment, and other valuable content directly focused on the AI. Combining hundreds of gigs of data, this community is a search engine in itself. 

The main reason behind the InsideAIML Discussion Forums success is that it has become a favourite of search engines over the years. As a result, whenever someone searches for any question related to AI on Google or Bing, most of the time, the search engine result includes InsideAIML Discussion Forums answers. Due to this functionality, it has become quite famous among the IT crowd in a very short time. One more reason which adds to its benefit is organic reach. Individual websites, blogs and landing pages take months or several weeks to get listed on the search engines, but if a question/answer lands on the InsideAIML Discussion Forum, crawlers pick it quickly and list it without any delay. 


How It Came Into Being?

Perhaps the earliest type of social media platform is discussion forums. Early Internet users may remember newsgroups or special interest groups (SIGs) established on the first websites and systems connected to the Internet. These communities began focusing on technical themes, but they quickly extended to include just about any topic that might draw a crowd. These platforms have evolved to the point that they are now hosted on consumer-facing social networking sites. Recently, Gartner reported that social technologies are currently used by 70% of organizations.

Based on this insight, the director of InsideAIML, Mr Mahesh Pardeshi, launched a dedicated Discussion Forum for AI enthusiasts. “Even after working for so many years, I still come across technical questions which sometimes take days to resolve. Similar is the case with millions of IT professionals and students. With InsideAIML Discussion Forum, we aim to form a community where the free flow of information can help anyone, anytime.” 

“Most students we come across are quite shy. They are not confident to put across their questions, and this leads to knowledge deficiency. Apart from feeding their curiosity, we also wanted to improve their soft skills and grow a sense of togetherness”, adds Shivani Singh, Head Human Resources & Training, InsideAIML. 

The InsideAIML Discussion Forum Fulfill Three Major Gaps: 


  • Providing Free Assistance And Support

Every day, we are confronted with challenges that must be conquered. Sometimes all we have to do is ask a teacher, manager or coworker for assistance. But what if they aren’t available or are too preoccupied? The last thing you want is to be left to your own devices to cope with the problem!

With InsideAIML Discussion Forum, you don’t have to. Simply formulate a query and seek assistance from your community. If everyone posts difficulties and responds to them, it will build a network of coworkers who will actively support one another over time. Even better, because most forum postings are preserved, you may look up previous answers to popular project-related questions. It could grow to become an FAQ or Wikipedia style resource for your team or even your whole organisation.


  1. Improving Communication

The InsideAIML Discussion Forum can play an important role in your communication strategy. Rather than sifting through an overflowing inbox of emails, pose a question in the forum and view everyone’s comments in a clear, chronological manner. Another benefit is that the discussion’s essential points do not have to be lost. 


  1. Encouraging Discussion

The majority of people consider this to be the primary benefit of the InsideAIML Discussion Forum. It’s a fantastic method for your staff and stakeholders to bond around common experiences. You could even build several question threads to make it easier to find common in-between questions that are relevant to them. 


Next Step?

Visit the InsideAIML Discussion Forum and ask your question. 


About InsideAIML

InsideAIML is an accelerated online e-learning platform for AI learners and enthusiasts. Based out of Leeds, UK, it provides exclusive Artificial Intelligence Courses, Machine Learning Courses and Data Science Courses in several countries and as of now, more than 10000 students have benefited from its programs. 

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