Nomad No Home Debuts His Newest Single “Endless”

Virginia Beach, United States of America, 2021-Nov-18 — /EPR Network/ — The release of “Endless” follows the recently growing song “Movin On” which gained 9,000 streams in under a month. With rapid growth, Nomad starts to leak this more daring song during his prep for his debut in Richmond, Va where he performed “Endless” for the first time ever. 

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This Hip Hop single stands out from the crowd with a new synthesized sound produced by @wvstend. In the hook, the lyrics point out that “I got It now, my world is endless” as a message towards his ex from “Movin On” to “Endless” that clearly he does not need her anymore. The song is about the best memories Nomad had in the relationship before it went to ruins. This song was written 2 days after the relationship ended and this was a rebuttal towards the way the relationship ended. 

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Inspired by musical geniuses J. Cole, Logic, Lil Baby, Tyler, the Creator, and Drake, Nomad takes his musical abilities and collaborates with his friends, making the music he wants to record. “It’s a more relaxing process to collaborate and have fun with those who want to grow with you” Nomad adds. One thing about Nomad No Home is that this song releases on his 18th birthday! He’s been making music starting out with a piano, to singing, producing, rapping, and now mixing as well. He is always learning something new every day to help add to his musical knowledge. What makes him different is he is not afraid to try new things, and succeed at them. Putting yourself out there is the number one thing you can do to spread the word or promote yourself, Nomad does that at the forefront of this social media hourly. He plans on hosting his own show in Virginia, starting his own clothing line, booking his own shows, and soon, his own collective of artists. This underground wave of artists really know how to pack a punch with their talents and Nomad is learning to ride the wave. 

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