Due: Annuity plans to make retirement simple.

Finally, here's a platform that allows people to retire on their terms. Recently, Due launched Annuity Plans that make retirement simple.

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Utah, USA, 2021-Dec-07 — /EPR Network/ — The Utah-based financial company Due has recently launched two Annuity Plans with an aim to change the process of retirement and make it simple. Due Annuity Plans empower investors to take control of their retirement. Moreover, these plans are created to fit the Gen Z and Millenials, who look at the retirement plans differently. 

Due has expanded into annuity and pensions to make retirement simple for people like you and me. The expert financial advisors at Due understand that annuities can be complex and frustrating. One needs to figure out their own retirement metrics quickly and easily. Hence, Due offers an Annuity Calculator to determine how much money one needs to have by retirement age.

No matter how well a person is doing at this point. It is imperative to secure money for the second innings of life. Due Annuity Account comes with a 3% guaranteed interest rate, which will help the investors to cover their monthly expenses after retirement. Due Annuity Plans are designed in a way to give investors a secured life after retirement. 

Every Due Annuity Plan comes with a retirement guarantee and is designed by trusted advisors. Moreover, it is free to apply for a Due Account, and it takes just two minutes. Here’re the two variants of Due Annuity Plans:

1) Free Annuity Plan – Investors get 1% on every deposit into the Due plan. This plan comes without any monthly fee.

2) Pro Annuity Plan – Investors get 3% on every deposit into the Due plan. Due charges a flat fee of $10/month to manage this plan. 

According to a recent report from the U.S. Federal Reserve, a quarter of Americans haven’t planned retirement and have no retirement savings at all. In addition, most millennials lack access to work-based retirement plans. Just 40 percent of Americans under the age of 35 have a retirement plan at work. This means that 60% of the young generation needs access to simple, transparent retirement plans and proper guidance. 

“Retirement should be simple. You should be able to focus on yourself and the million other things you have going on in your life.” – John Rampton, Founder of Due. 

John Rampton, Founder of Due, noticed that the annuity landscape is full of financial corporations offering complex plans. Most of them have irregular fees, and investors are not sure what benefits they are getting. He realized that the young generation lacks access to transparent annuity plans, which keeps them away from a secured retirement. Moreover, these companies offer plans with hidden tricks and gimmicks. John wants people to retire knowing exactly how much money they will get every month as long as they are alive.

It’s no secret that financial corporations have too many secrets to hide when it comes to offering plans. Most of these companies play dirty tricks to lure investors. Some make the process more complex and tedious for the investors. Due uses a consumer-friendly approach, and its Annuity Plans come without any tricks, gimmicks, or complex algorithms. Due offers its customers the best prices possible and helps them enjoy a worry-free retirement. 

Over and above, investors can invest as much as they would like to invest without any limits. But, most importantly, they can cash out at any time. 




About Us: 

Due was founded in 2015 with an aim to help people retire with enough money deposited into their bank account every month. Due wants every person to know how much money they will get monthly after retirement. Due is on a mission to teach people to invest money into a 401k. 


URL: https://due.com/annuity/


Email: john@due.com


HQ Address: 14203, Minuteman Drive #200, Draper UT 84020

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