ClimateTech-Startup Focused Energy Appoints Leading Experts for Scientific Advisory Board

  • Focused Energy enables large-scale production of clean energy with inertial fusion
  • The Scientific Advisory Board consists of top-class experts and leading scientists

Austin, Texas/ Darmstadt, Germany, 2021-Dec-14 — /EPR Network/ — Laser fusion startup Focused Energy is working on developing a method to efficiently commercialize the production of clean energy. Focused Energy’s work is now backed by several other renowned experts and scientists coming from the fields of laser fusion research and fast ignition research as well as plasma research. Using state-of-the-art laser technology, a fusion reaction is to be triggered, leading to the release of “inertial fusion energy” (IFE). If this is successful, an energy boost is generated that is about a hundred times greater than the energy needed to initiate the reaction. This results in a surplus of climate-friendly energy, which can then be commercially exploited.

To benefit from current technological advances in the most helpful way and to move forward with research in this field, Focused Energy has appointed a Scientific Advisory Board to counsel the startup which is based in Darmstadt, Germany as well as Austin, Texas.

Members of the Focused Energy Science and Technology Advisory Council are:

Prof. Ricardo Betti, University of Rochester, expert in direct-drive fusion

Dr. Juan Carlos Fernandez, Los Alamos National Laboratory (retired), expert inertial fusion and ion acceleration

Dr. Kurt SchoenbergDirector Emertius, Los Alamos Neutron Science Center

Prof. Vladimir Tikhonchuk, University of Bordeaux, France and ELI Beamlines, Czech Republic, expert in laser and plasma physics

We are delighted and proud to have attracted all of these renowned experts with proven expertise to our mission”, says Thomas Forner, CEO and one of the founders of Focused Energy. “With our network of experts, we will be able to push our technological developments forward even faster and achieve our vision of safe energy production.

Among other duties, the scientific committee supports Focused Energy in its project to develop commercial fusion power plants for large-scale clean energy production in the coming years. Focused Energy is already planning to build its first test plant.

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About Focused Energy

Focused Energy is a startup dedicated to developing fusion as a means of generating clean alternative energy for the growing needs of society. The company is supported by the TU Darmstadt and was founded in July 2021 after years of extensive research. The founding and management team encompasses entrepreneur Thomas Forner (CEO Focused Energy), engineer Dr. Anika Stein (COO Focused Energy) as well as the two laser and fusion experts Prof. Dr. Markus Roth (TU Darmstadt, CSO Focused Energy) and Prof. Dr. Todd Ditmire (UT Austin/Texas, CTO Focused Energy).

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