3D Display Market Share, Dynamics and Competitive Landscape By 2025

Felton, California , USA, Dec 30 2021 — /EPR Network/ — The “3D Display Market” report gives a massive source to analyze the industry and other fundamental technicalities identifying with it. The examination discloses the total assessment and veritable parts of the 3D Display market. This study exhibits a straightforward outline of the industry, that integrates applications, blueprints, industry chain structure, and definitions. This report prepares a case for investments in different regions based on a practical view of their regulatory outline, manufacturing dynamics, and availability of skills and resources in that region.


Global 3D Display Market is projected to reach 204.16 billion by 2025 owing to increase in use of 3D technologies for wide range of applications in different industries. 3D display (Stereo Display) is a display device that is capable of offering depth perception to the spectator with the help of stereopsis for binocular visualization. Almost every device in day-to-day environment includes 3D display. For example laptops, cameras, cellphones and other handheld electronics. The continuous improvements in 3D technology and its use in various industries is predicted to boost 3D display market at a CAGR of 19.4% in the forecast period.


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The modernizations in 3D technology has widened the use of 3D displays in several fields like photography, education, video, gaming, engineering simulation, defense, etc. The demand for 3D display in smartphones, monitors, tablets and healthcare instruments are fueling the market growth. However, the cost of 3D display and shortage of 3D content are barriers to the growth of the market. Additionally, the improved technologies in games, movies and rising market of monitor, TV, tablet, smartphone along with the scope of 3D display penetration is all set to provide abundant growth opportunities in 3D display market in near future.


The adoption of 3D displays in the advertisement industry is one of the major prevailing trends in the market. The advertising organizations are progressively adopting 3D display technology to improve hoarding advertisements and display the commercials films. They are also deploying auto-stereoscopic technology for hoardings. Increase in number of sports competitions, live concerts, and corporate tradeshows are driving the growth of the market. Moreover, lack of interoperability between stakeholders like flat panel manufacturer, 3D content owner, and broadcasting operators, etc. operating in supply chain market are confining the growth of the market. Nevertheless, the rising health issues are boosting the use of 3D technology in the advanced medical tools & instruments.


3D display market can be categorized on the basis of type, technology, application and geography. On the basis of type, the market is divided into head mounted display, volumetric display, and stereoscopic display. Stereoscopic display demand is predicted to be dominant throughout the future due to the growth in its application in smartphones, TV’s, monitors and other electronic devices with screen.


In terms of technology, the 3D display market is segmented as plasma display panel (PDP), organic light emitting diode (OLED), digital light processing (DLP), and light emitting diode (LED) technology. LED backlighted LCD technology products are the most commonly used 3D displays. LED backlighted display are more preferred over CCFL backlighting due to energy efficient solution and compact design. In terms of adoption, the growing display technologies like OLED is predicted to witness giant growth.


On the basis of application, the 3D display market is distributed among consumer electronics (tablets, smartphones, TV, etc.),retail, entertainment, automotive, medical, advertising, and military & defense. Owing to the greater adoption of consumer electronics, the segment is projected to dominate the market in future. Increasing number of 3D games and growing adoption of 3D content is likely to drive the growth of entertainment and advertising industries respectively.


Geographically, 3D display market is segmented as North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. China and United States dominated the market in Asia Pacific and North America in 2016 respectively. Presently, Asia Pacific and North America is dominating the market. The prominent 3D display market players profiled here are Panasonic Corp., Sony Corp., LG Electronics Inc., Toshiba Corp., Sharp Corp., Samsung Electronics Corp., 3D fusion, 3DIcon, Mitsubishi Electric Corp and Fujifilm Corp.


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