Low-priced Sound Upgrade: AXTON DSP Amps Tested

The AXTON digital 4-channel power amps A542DSP and A592DSP have been awarded the coveted 'Practical tip' accolade after a test by the German magazine Car & HiFi (01/22).

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2022-Jan-09 — /EPR Network/ — With just a single aftermarket device give the built-in car audio factory system a sound boost? And as simply as possible and gentle on the budget? No problem, say the tech journalists of the German Car & HiFi magazine (issue 1/2022), recommending in a detailed test report the AXTON (http://www.axton.de/) 4-channel DSP amplifiers A542DSP and A592DSP: “The A542DSP and the A592DSP from AXTON are very versatile amplifiers that enable an easy upgrade of factory systems. For an attractive price they bring DSP sound tuning and digital streaming in Hi-Res quality into the car – that is worth all due credit.”
Compared with the predecessor models the two new DSP power amps straightaway attracted attention with some improvements. “The configuration has become digital”, says Car & HiFi, ” both amplifiers having been given two digital inputs as additional sources – very nice. First there is an optical Toslink input, then we find a ‘coaxial’ input, which conceals an electrical digital input in USB format.”

According to the well-respected tech journalists the amplifier section has also been optimized as has the integrated Bluetooth receiver, which allows music to be streamed wirelessly from a smartphone to the power amps: “As before the strongest buying argument is the Bluetooth input for music streaming already available in the basic configuration, which switches on automatically when a song is started on the music player.”

A ground-breaking new feature compared with the predecessor models, according to Car & HiFi, however, is the option to playback Hi-Res music files with the aid of the ABT50 streaming module, available separately: “What really pleased us was the upgrade to Hi-Res capable frequency ranges. The DSPs work at a 96 kHz sampling rate and the amplifiers deliver music up to 40 kHz – that is unique in this price category.”

The experienced testers were also impressed by the many options for fine tuning the sound using the integrated digital sound processor – the settings being made very conveniently from the phone app: “If on a low budget, you can therefore upgrade your vehicle sound stepwise, from a booster for the original speakers to the active front system with subwoofer. (…) However, for good sound we think you have everything you need. There is time alignment, up to 31 EQ bands per channel and freely configurable crossovers at slopes of up to 24 dB/octave.”

The new plug & play digital amplifiers then score in all respects with their easy installability. “Wiring harnesses fitted with ISO connectors are included for easy connection to the vehicle wiring harness”, explains Car & HiFi. “There is no need to do anything more to provide the original speakers with more sound via the vehicle wiring.”

In the Car & HiFi test lab the AXTON amps then really showed their paces. “The little A542DSP already impressed with a very appealing sound. (…) The music comes over nice and vibrant, with both vocals and instruments sounding good”, is the conclusion reached by the tech journalists about the substantially cheaper A542DSP amplified by an analog four-channel chip.

The larger 2-ohm stable A592DSP, featuring a transformer power supply unit and class D amplification for more power, showed its superiority in the sound check: “Above all, in the bass it is more orderly and more powerful. Also as regards dynamic response the more powerful power amp has the edge. They handle spatial depth equally well, and in this respect we are happy with both.”

“Low-priced plug & play upgrade with DSP and streaming”, is the final verdict of Car & HiFi, awarding both AXTON power amps the coveted ‘Practical tip’ accolade.

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