Gluten-free Pizza Crust Market Revenue Driver, Restraint, Challenge & Growth Opportunities

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The global Gluten-free Pizza Crust Market scope was appreciated at US$ 2.0 billion during 2018 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.5% during the period of forecast. The global market scope of gluten-free pizza crust is anticipated to touch US$ 3.1 billion by 2025.

The gluten-free pizza crust is a mixture of three dissimilar flours. The growing development and rising reputation of western foods together with pizza are motivating the gluten-free pizza crust industry. Growing per head earnings and infiltration of pizza shops are projected to upsurge demand for pizza crust during the period of forecast.

Increasing alertness regarding the fitness among the people and an upsurge in the occurrence of celiac illness is likely to power the demand for gluten-free food products together with pizza crust. Celiac illness is one of the most important autoimmune complaints. This happens in hereditarily inclined individuals, here the intake of gluten tends to harm the small intestine. The illness is projected to disturb 1 in 100 persons all over the world. It is projected that 1 in 133 persons are having a celiac illness, in America.


The growing race in the pizza market is estimated to trigger the demand for gluten-free pizza crust during the period of forecast. The global market is going in the direction of disintegration. Noticeable companies functioning in the market are established in Europe and the U.S.A. The manufacturing companies are concentrating on increasing their transactions by way of increasing their range of product presents or else creating new-fangled manufacturing plants in the global market.

Some of the important companies for the gluten-free pizza crust market are MOONLIGHT PIZZA COMPANY, Rizzuto Foods, Conagra Brands, Inc., Rich Products Corporation, Vicolo, Kinnikinnick Foods Inc., Gillian’s Foods, and Udi’s Gluten-Free. Additional notable companies are Bob’s Red Mill, Namaste Foods, Glutino, Cup4Cup, Nu Life Market, and King Arthur Flour.

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Owing to the growth in alertness regarding fitness, users have a preference for the usage of organic and gluten-free food constituents in the food formulas, and therefore the outlets of pizza franchises use gluten-free pizza crust in their formulas of foodstuff.

Gluten has drawbacks for example it sources ingestion problems, abdominal injury owing to the response of resistance, increase in weight, swelling, and others. Therefore, users are moving in the direction of the usage of gluten-free products. The consumption of gluten-free products can deliver a number of fitness paybacks such as it can decrease cholesterol, diminishes the hazard of autoimmune complaints, increasing digestion, etc. Hence, because gluten-free products deliver numerous fitness paybacks, the producers of foodstuff products may possibly choose for the usage of gluten-free pizza crust, and accordingly, the demand for gluten-free pizza crust may possibly upsurge.


Normally the rates of gluten-free pizza are greater than the regular pizza. The dissimilarity in monetary circumstance, misperception regarding the fit nutrition products, and the variance in the sense of taste of the food product may possibly function as a restraint for the market pertaining to gluten-free pizza crust.


The global gluten-free pizza crust market can be classified by Sales Network, End-Use, Product, and Region. By Sales Network, it can be classified as Online, Offline. By End Use, it can be classified as Bakeries, Retail, and Others. By Product, it can be classified as Conventional, Organic.

Regional Lookout:

By Region, the global gluten-free pizza crust industry can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa. Due to the rising ingestion of gluten-free products, North America ruled the market during 2018. Persons in the state are changing to the hale and hearty way of life owing to which people have a preference for fit and gluten-free products. Increasing alertness associated with probable effects of gluten on fitness has directed for the growth in intake of gluten-free products. The U.S.A has a greater occurrence of celiac illness in the world.

Asia Pacific is likely to witness a CAGR of 7.1% during the period of forecast. It has been plotted that India has more than half of the people under the age of 30. This is identified to be the maximum important area for the young age group, afterward Indonesia, China, and the U.S.A. Hence, the influence of western values is growing owing to the greater populace of youngsters. This, sequentially, is expected to motivate the gluten-free pizza crust market in emerging nations of Asia Pacific.

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