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San Diego, CA, 2022-Jan-18 — /EPR Network/ — Representing prominent people who have been arrested takes a unique blend of abilities, expertise, and experience, and handling a case of celebrity is much harder than you think. An attorney who defends the case of celebrities of different fields like sports, entertainment, music, television, etc. faces bigger challenges than in any other normal individual case because celebrities are always surrounded by the paparazzi around them due to which the focus of society’s huge population is too much on them.


The Fundamentals of Criminal Procedure that must be known by Criminal Defense Lawyers:


Celebrities have a huge impact on society, their image building plays a major role in their respective careers. So in these cases where a celebrity can get a jail arrest. The celebrity lawyer’s experience in handling such cases plays a major role in helping the image of a celebrity client from getting spoiled. The experience of celebrity criminal defense attorney San Diego like Bajaj Defense is one of the most prominent criminal defense attorneys in San Diego with an experience of 19 years handling all types of criminal cases. Their expertise in unequaled courtroom victories and reputation among law enforcement and prosecutors set him apart from many other criminal defense lawyers.


Different types of Crimes handled by Celebrity criminal defense lawyer

Property Crimes-Property crimes are typically committed for financial or proprietorial gain. It can consist of crimes like Robbery, Shoplifting, Theft, exploitation, etc. A skilled property crime lawyer can assist you in gathering evidence, navigating state and federal record filing systems, and defending you in court.


Drug crimes- As per government figures, in 2011, 48 percent of federal inmates were incarcerated for drug offenses and the drug cases have risen to huge numbers since then and other factors like its closeness to the border, San Diego takes a considerably harder stance on drug offenses. This implies that the type of drug, the amount discovered, and whether you were using, distributing, or manufacturing the drug will all be considered by the District Attorney when choosing which charges to file. The role of celebrity criminal defense attorney San Diego is essential in solving huge crimes.


The consequences of DUI ( Driving under Influence)

If you are not drunk, the most common reason for a DUI arrest is due to flaws in roadside sobriety tests and Breathalyzer tests in the San Diego region. A DUI arrest can result in severe harsh law as well as long-term implications. In many cases, speaking with an experienced celebrity criminal defense attorney San Diego can significantly reduce those penalties and impacts.


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