Strategic workforce planning isn’t a fad, it’s good business sense

CANBERRA, Australia, 2022-Feb-14 — /EPR Network/ — When it comes to workforce planning, there are naysayers who believe it’s nothing more than a fad. The Panorama subject matter experts reject this notion, and in their latest article take a deep dive into why it’s a critical contributor to good business sense. The Panorama experts are quick to talk up workforce planning benefits, core strategy components and the key stakeholders in decision making.

Workforce planning prepares organisations for the future by analysing workforce supply and demand, gaps in workforce capacity and capability, and assessing what current changes need to be made to meet future needs. When done well, it helps managers think, discuss and plan for the workforce needed for their organisation’s sustainability and success.

The Panorama experts say the No. 1 benefit of workforce planning is the opportunity to talk and collaborate with other managers or stakeholders to work out future workforce needs. In addition to that, organisations are more prepared for the future, have better resources, can easily identify skills gaps, experience higher retention and have a workforce that is aligned with business strategy.

“Strategic workforce planning provides you with the information needed to structure your workforce for the future” said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder & Managing Director). “Crucially, it enables you to prepare your organisation for potential changes in market expectations rather than reacting as issues arise.”

When undertaking strategic workforce planning, the Panorama experts believe there are a few core components to the process. It’s always best to start by organising and planning your approach. Next, you need to gather the right data and analyse it. Once you know your issues, it’s time to treat them and monitor solutions to ensure they work, adjusting them as needed.

While every stakeholder matters in workforce planning, two stand out as the most important: Managers and HR Leaders. Managers have the best understanding of their organisation while HR Leaders can ensure solutions are evidence-based and effective.

You can read the Panorama experts’ article about strategic workforce planning on the Panorama WFP blog:

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