Sound Quality: EMPHASER’s Mercedes Sprinter Speaker EM-MBF3

"Clear recommendation for better sound" is the verdict of the German Car & HiFi magazine (02/22) on the component speaker system for the Mercedes Sprinter, rating it as 'Best Product'.

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2022-Feb-21 — /EPR Network/ — The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is becoming ever more popular with motorhome travelers. And if you do a lot of driving in your vehicle, you would also naturally like great sound – often missing from built-in factory speakers. However, many Sprinter drivers are reluctant to do a sound upgrade: the Mercedes original system is vehicle-specific, a retrofit involving a great deal of installation effort.
A speaker set that has been specially developed for the Mercedes Sprinter VS30 / W907 is the EM-MBF3 from car audio specialist EMPHASER ( The German Car & HiFi magazine has thoroughly tested the system in issue 02/2022.

The accuracy of fit and ease of installation alone are enough for the new sound system to pick up points. Like every vehicle-specific speaker set from EMPHASER, the EM-MBF3 also “naturally comes with speakers that fit exactly and have a plug & play connection to the original vehicle connector.”

The tech journalists are full of praise for the construction and features of the component speaker system: “With the EM-MBF3 we are looking at a finely made speaker set as we have come to expect.” The baskets of the 16.5 cm woofer and the 8 cm center speaker included in the set are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, added to which are high quality cones with Cambridge surround and neodymium magnets. “A very practical solution has been found for placing the woofer crossover, which sits directly on the basket”, says Car & HiFi. “This is a 12-dB low pass filter for the 16 cm speaker, the coil being bridged with an extra RC element. The tweeter crossover sits as usual in the supply lead, which makes it look nice and slim.”

The EM-MBF3 is, however, not only a 2-way front system, but also includes a center speaker -necessary with Mercedes to support the automatic emergency call system eCall, that is fed to the center speaker independently of the hi-fi system. Yet the center speaker can do a lot more: the little 8-centimeter mid range broad-bander comes with its own crossover to protect it from low frequencies, and it also has a dual voice coil”, explain the testers. “On the plus side it shows a very broad working range so that it is well equipped for its job as a center fill.”

The EM-MBF3 was also thoroughly convincing in the test lab: “The 16-cm runs nice and linear with a perfect drop in level off-axis. The tweeter level is suitably set and plays up to beyond the 30 kHz mark; the new 19 mm dome with coupling volume has become really outstanding.”

During the sound check the EMPHASER component speaker system then really shows its superiority: “Sonically the system is lively, delivering clean lows and an altogether vibrant sound. Details in the highs are easy to pick out, but don’t push into the foreground”, according to the assessment of the respected tech journalists. “The spatial positioning of the musical actors is a sure and coherent success. Altogether the MBF3 is a clear recommendation for an improved sound.”

“With the EM-MBF3, Sprinter drivers now also get to enjoy a plug & play upgrade for better sound. With a center and neodymium magnet drive a lot of effort has gone into the system and it comes with a price, but the gain in sound quality speaks for itself”, is the final verdict of the tech journalists, rewarding the EM-MBF3 with the top accolade “Best Product”.

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