A common thread is key to consensus amongst an LMS buying group

CANBERRA, Australia, 2022-Mar-16 — /EPR Network/ — Procuring a learning management system for an organisation is not typically a one-person decision. Commonly, it requires leaders from multiple teams to come together and get on the same page, or build a consensus, about the best LMS option to proceed with. Each team will have different priorities that must be considered and balanced. The Acorn subject matter experts have used their latest article to help guide unlucky individuals tasked with building consensus amongst teams during procurement.

An LMS buying group might consist of leaders from L&D, HR, Finance, Legal and IT teams. That’s a lot of competing voices and each have different priorities they believe are the most important concern. A key step in bring all these voices together? Finding a common thread.

A common thread is something that ties all teams together. It’s usually a company mission or CEO objective that flows down amongst all teams. Finding a common thread that a potential LMS supports and rallying a buyer group behind it is key to building consensus.

“Getting your business functions to collaborate is key to sustainable L&D,” said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director). “It starts at the procurement stage. Finding a common pain point that an LMS can solve or a goal it can achieve gives employee training a purpose that is valuable from the top down.”

A common thread is just one part of the consensus puzzle. Other team leaders and stakeholders will ask questions and be looking for reassuring answers. They will want to know why an LMS is necessary. They’ll want to feel confident that the investment is worth it. They will each hold specific expectations that need managing. And lastly, they will want to be assured their time investment in the process won’t run rampant.

You can read the Acorn experts’ article about building LMS consensus on their Acorn Resources blog: https://hubs.ly/Q0153Cyt0

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