Fund Your Projects Quickly Through Deposit Capital’s Courtesy Deposits: Here’s How It Works

Fund Your Projects Quickly Through Deposit Capital's Courtesy Deposits: Here's How It Works

Houston, TX, 2022-Mar-31 — /EPR Network/ — Whether you’re a tech startup or a commercial real estate developer looking to fund your project quickly, Deposit Capital provides the solution you need. Utilizing Courtesy Deposits provided by Deposit Capital can get your project past the finish line. Attaching their product to your bank loans packages will make your proposal more appealing to your prospective lenders. Banks, Credit Unions, Hedge Funds, private individuals or any other lender will like Courtesy Deposits attached to the deal.

How It Works

Deposit Capital’s Rent Our Money program makes it easier and faster for you to get financing for your project.

The sole provider in the financial courtesy deposits niche, Deposit Capital arranges for the purchase of “Certificates of Deposit” that can increase the chances for the approval of your project from credible and insured financial institutions.

Take note that no funds used to purchase the certificates will be transferred or deposited into your bank account. It will only be your banker that will have access to the funds.

This is why when you attach courtesy deposits to your loan proposal, it gives a better opportunity for your lender, thus incentivizing them to lend you the amount of capital that you requested.

For instance, if you have a new business idea and need capital of $250,000. If you request Deposit Capital to arrange a $500,000 courtesy deposit for you and you indicate that in your loan proposal, your prospective lender will be keener to provide you with a loan to help you succeed with your business plan.

What makes it a convenient way of assisting your project is that Deposit Capital doesn’t evaluate your project, run credit checks, or look at the particulars of your loan package. Their only concern is to have their conditions met.

Conditions You Need To Know

Deposit Capital’s Rent Our Money program has already helped a wide array of clientele. If you’re interested to avail, you must know these three conditions:

The deposits must never be at risk and must be covered by the financial institution’s insurance. For instance, FDIC insurance in the US protects up to $250,000 of the money that consumers will deposit.

The deposits cannot be in jeopardy, encumbered, pledged, or used to collateralize or guarantee your or any loan.


The minimum Courtesy Deposit amount you can request for them to arrange is $100,000. The only fee you need to pay for them is the fixed rate they charge. For a Courtesy Deposit transfer below $1 million, their only fee is 5%. It’s 4% for transfers worth more than $1 million.

Deposit Capital even has a program called WE FIND THE LENDER for your project (formerly the 95% program). Contact Deposit Capital for more details.

Reach Out Today!

Want to make your bank loans packages more appealing to lenders? Attaching Deposit Capital’s Courtesy Deposit product to them is the key. Find more about it here: For queries, contact them at 1 (713) 242-1956 or

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