EquityMatch.co hosted a private Pitching session on “ESG & Impact”

London, UK, 2022-May-31 — /EPR Network/ — The smart startup funding platform EquityMatch.co, based in the United Kingdom, successfully presented the third webinar in the series leading up to the third private pitching session on “Venture Capital, business angels, and startups.” The event was free and open to the public, and it was also broadcast live on Zoom.

EquityMatch.co hosted a private Pitching session on “ESG & Impact”. The recently conducted pitch day was held on April 28th, 2022, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. GMT. The session allowed startup leaders to pitch and demonstrate how they are having the potential to change the financial sector while addressing various issues across the globe. The session saw the participation of five world-renowned investors as industry experts and eight founders as panelists, and they were successful in imparting vital knowledge to the participants. Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, the founder of ‘EquityMatch.co’ and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory, hosted the event. He has also had success as a business owner, venture capitalist, merchant banker, and CEO. In the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, he has advised clients on more than €100 million in transactions and €50 million in fundraising.

Natalie Chow, Co-founder, and CEO of Kibo was the first speaker who kicked off the discussion. She is a potential individual who has over 15 years of experience in MNC branding, marketing, and operations. She touched on important aspects of the Shoe business industry that require an immediate solution. “The shoe business is in fact extremely polluting, and not only do we overproduce, but we also throw out 300 million pairs of shoes every year. Entirely plastic intensive and most of the time the supply chains are not transparent with forced labor in place,” said Natalie. She also elaborated on how the Kibo shoe products help in combating the various issues in the shoe industry. 

The session was then addressed by Rares Mara who is the Co-Founder at Clevereat as well as a marketer of HoReCa experience sales passionate. During the session, he focused on how Clevereat addresses a major problem in the food sector. “The sad truth is that in Europe each year we waste 89 million tons of food and 40% of them come from retail and HoReCa,” Mr. Rares said, “and our solution is Clevereat which helps restaurants transform surplus into profit by selling the food to our users at discounted prices.”

CEO and Co-Founder of Gempacs, Corrado Accardi was the third speaker at the event. He is an individual with international entrepreneurial experience in property, renewables, and hospitality. During the session, he elaborated on the significance of boats as means of transportation in Southeast Asia and how they all run on fossil fuel and require change. He stressed how Gempacs is a startup that empowers marine electric mobility by offering full-stack solutions focused on making the marine sector more sustainable. “We are a London-based company that aims to make marine electric mobility affordable for professional boat users in the Emerging Market,” said Mr. Corrado. He also went on to add, “Not everyone knows but one marine outboard motor can pollute as much as 20+ cars per year and we help in minimizing this issue.” 

One of the panelists who enlightened the session was Yuval Aviel, the CEO and Co-Founder of Autonomous Pivot. He has a wide range of experience working as an algorithm developer, algorithm team leader, software developer, and senior technical leader at REM. Thus, he is a potential individual with specialties in the scientific, technological, and business development sectors. During the session, he shed light on how Autonomous Pivot helps in shaping the future of the farming industry. “The problem is that farmers are using more resources than they require which includes water, fertilizers, and chemicals. This is mainly for two reasons, firstly because they do not know how much they need, and secondly because like all of us, they want to get the most out of everything. Thus, we want to solve this more holistically using sensors we have developed,” said Mr. Yuval. 

Shana Vida Gavron was also part of the panelists who explained how Endangered Wildlife OU, a startup, is trying to contribute to solving the climate crisis by using technology to demonstrate the positive impact of biodiversity. She is the CEO of Endangered Wildlife OU and has over 15 years of investment banking experience. She walked the participants through an intimate conversation about how the world is forgetting the significance of biodiversity in making decisions about climate change. “There is a significant amount of focus that has been placed on carbon emission, reporting and reduction for climate change. But there is one key thing that we all are missing is that carbon is only a small part of the whole story. We will never succeed in solving the climate crisis till we incorporate biodiversity into decision making,” said Shana. 

Delbert Pecker, the Co-Founder, Operations, and Tech lead of BaSel Green Foods was the sixth speaker of the session. During the session, he elaborated on how BaSel Green Foods contribute to shaping the food industry. “BaSel Green Foods provides quality food to the consumers. It is estimated that about one billion people suffer from protein deficiency,” said Mr. Delbert, “and there will be an impact of no poverty as households will be able to sell the excess protein meal they have as an extra income. Every household will get to enjoy a balanced meal.”

Founder and CEO at Skooqs, Oluwadamilola Soyombo was also part of the panelists who disseminated valuable information to the participants. She is an award-winning UI/UX Designer with seven years of experience working in the technology environment working in that capacity across several industries on 3 continents.  She is also a strong advocate for early childhood education. During the session, she stressed how Skooqs is an Edtech platform providing African children with access to technology and creative courses at a young age. “Skooqs is an online learning community enabling kids to develop their technical and creative skills,” said Oluwadamilola. 

Isaac Waithaka, Executive Director at Gobilis Foundation was the final speaker of the session who focused on empowering the youth to shape the future. He is a social entrepreneur with several interests in various social enterprises. He is also a solid leader who is highly analytical and strong at developing, planning, and implementing comprehensive strategies to achieve organizational goals and objectives that lead to measurable results. “We are empowering the next generation and addressing the dual crisis of youth who come from an underserved community,” said Mr. Isaac, “we work hand in hand with our beneficiaries to transform community social difficulties into opportunities.”

The pitch session presented participants with interesting knowledge on the startups that aim at shaping the future of the finance sector, which they found beneficial. EquityMatch.co has scheduled similar lectures for the year 2022. Participants will also learn how to sign up for a free EquityMatch.co membership, which provides them with direct access to investors as well as marketing and promotion opportunities. To get involved and learn more about forthcoming webinars and events, go to EquityMatch.co’s social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and website www.equitymatch.co.

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