Affordable, Elegant, Creative and Inspirational Wall Art Prints of World-Famous Paintings | Empyrean Art Gallery

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Affordable, Elegant, Creative and Inspirational Wall Art Prints of World-Famous Paintings | Empyrean Art Gallery Affordable, Elegant, Creative and Inspirational Wall Art Prints of World-Famous Paintings | Empyrean Art Gallery

Mumbai, India, 2022-Jun-21 — /EPR Network/ — Empyrean Art offers an extensive and ever-growing art collection to foster creativity and elegance within your environment.

Our unique online art gallery specializes in art spanning seven centuries, from some of the greatest masters of all time to the fantastic artists of today. We offer a wide collection of curated modern paintings, Giclée (gallery-quality, realistic canvas prints), wall decor, and more to help you foster an art sense.

Simply put, we make art appealing – even to those that aren’t inclined and our team is committed to delivering artworks that break boundaries, blazes trails, and set high standards within the industry.

Artworks in our store are curated by professional architects and interior designers with a purpose — Timeless classics to feed your soul! We endeavor to empower you with art designs that foster and boost creative holistic-brain thinking by using your imagination more than you usually would.

In the words of Thomas Merton — “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”.

Art sparks imagination evokes emotions and fosters creativity.

We believe Creativity is a vital part of our life. Art is significant because of the response it elicits, empowering you with the ability to think outside the proverbial box. Scientific studies have shown that looking at a piece of art stimulates the brain’s frontal cortex, which increases the dopamine level in the blood, evoking a feeling similar to when you are in love.

Art inspires you to perceive the world from a different perspective. As a decorative decor element, art transforms its environment and provides the onlookers with creative inspiration. With the potential to fuel your imagination, it offers its viewer endless possibilities, opening the heart and mind to see life’s big picture, including spirituality, symbolism, storytelling, beauty, and more. Art has the ability to pause time when you immerse yourself in it.

It has been said that the art we choose to hang on our walls is a visual reflection of what we believe; the resonance of art is deeply personal.


Message from Kurt daSilva, Founder of Empyrean Art:

I’ve always been inspired by beauty in art; it conveys so much – it runs deep from talent and inspiration to the artist’s mindset and emotion. It displays how they see life and the world around them.

“Art is a manifestation of the soul.”

Founding Empyrean Art stems from my passion for seeing people express themselves moreover have others impacted through their expression. Therefore, my curation process is simple; I ask myself two questions: Will this artwork influence society positively? And, who needs their life changed by what this art piece conveys?

I don’t want just to sell art; instead, I desire the curated art to impact you for the better. I hope you enjoy this offering, but more so that it benefits you in every way.

Armed with educational qualifications and decades of experience in Architecture and Interior Design, our team understands exactly what it takes to create a tasteful, elegant, and luxurious yet affordable decor that uniquely suits each personality. We partner with fellow designers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes to discover Art without Borders to source artworks across genres and design styles from our curated collections to meet their interior design and decoration requirements. Many of our clients request and also receive Empyrean artwork recommendations from our in-house design team. Browse our blog to get inspired and create a beautiful home interior decor.

So why wait, create an elegant environment and brighten up your decor with Creative Wall Art from Empyrean Art Gallery!

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