Types of Paper Available at Jerry’s Artarama

Newark, DE, 2022-Jun-30 — /EPR Network/ — Many types of paper are available at Jerry’s Artarama art supply store, and the best paper for your project is determined by the medium you use and the kind of artwork you create.

The weight of the paper and surface texture are crucial considerations. Heavier weight papers handle more layering than lighter weight paper. Adding additional layers is difficult once the paper’s surface tooth or texture is filled. Using The correct paper is essential If you are working with multiple layers.

There are four types of paper: hot-press, cold-press, rough, and drawing paper.

  • Cold-Press Paper

Cold-press paper has a semi-rough surface, is absorbent, dries quickly, and has a medium texture. Cold press is used with watercolors and is unsuitable for artwork requiring fine detail.

  • Hot-Press Paper

Hot press is less absorbent and allows more drying time than cold press. Hot-press paper is smooth with a hard surface and absorbs the least amount of paint, making it ideal for fine detail work.

  • Rough Paper

Rough paper has a textured surface, and a longer drying time allows more time to work on the painting. Rough paper is suited for bold, expressive artwork and is not recommended for detailed work. Rough paper is absorbent and strong and is ideal for charcoal and dry pastel drawings.

  •  Sketching and Drawing Paper

Sketching paper is a lighter version of drawing paper and is used for practicing and experimenting. Drawing paper is a heavier, better-quality paper and is used for finished artwork. 

The knowledgeable staff at Jerry’s Artarama can assist you in selecting the correct paper and art supplies for your project. For more information, visit our store or website.

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