Modwrap Launches Ready-To-Use CPE Plastic Zipper Bag for Clothing and Apparel Packaging

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Haryana, India, 2022-Jul-19 — /EPR Network/ — Modwrap added a new product to its packaging range – the CPE plastic zipper bags for the garment industry. As the name suggests, these come with a zipper functioning and add ease and convenience to packing individual garments. These bags are available in transparent and opaque types. There is no need to apply an external adhesive to seal the contents as the zipper can be easily opened and shut. Here is more about these bags.

What are the features of the Ready-To-Use Zipper Bags for Clothing Packaging?

Cloth packaging bags can be used by people in the garment cutting, stitching, or packaging industry. There are many companies that cut, stitch, and pack t-shirts, pants, shorts, and other kinds of garments in India. These cloth packaging bags can be used by these garment manufacturers for packing each and every individual garment to keep it new, free-from dust and dirt and to help in better packaging, transporting, and shipping.
Clear garment packaging bags add visibility and protection to your newly manufactured garments. These can be easily availed from wholesale CPE plastic bag manufacturers. The opaque ones add partial visibility. You can also get your company logo imprinted on these bags.
These self-sealing bags for clothing come with a feature that can help you easily pack your garments inside and seal the bag to prevent them from dust, water, and sunlight. These self-sealing bags are quite easy to use. All you need to do is to place the folded garment inside and seal the bags.

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What are the Advantages of these Packaging Bags for Apparel?

• Use Anywhere: Prepared to use at whatever point, wherever.
Security: A conclusive protection for delicate shipments. Most functional strategy for shielding your thing. Recommended for high-volume packaging prerequisites.
• Dust, Rain Protection: Newly manufactured garments need to be shielded from dust, sunlight, germs, and water to ensure newness and freshness when they reach the end-user or the middle-men wholesaler. These bags ensure the security of the garments packed inside.
• No Machinery Required: No administering framework or sealing unit is required to seal the bags as the zipper is easily and manually sealable.
• Exceptionally Fit: Provides exclusively fit to the garments inside and prevents them from unfolding.
• Simple to Use: Anyone can turn into a packaging master — in a flash.
• Prevalent Product Protection: Provides ultimate protection to costly garments.
• Customizable: Can protect and shield garments of practically any size, shape, and weight. These can be customized in various sizes and shapes.
• Quick: Makes packing very quick and easy.
• Transparent and Opaque: These CPE plastic zipper bags for clothing are available in transparent and opaque. One can choose as per their requirements.

Usage of CPE Plastic Zipper Bags for Clothing

These bags can be used in several industries involved in the process of manufacturing garments. Earlier, garment companies used to manually pack their garments in plastic bags and then seal them with tape. This process took a lot of time. With zipper bags, the process becomes quite simple and quick.

Where to buy the CPE packaging bags for apparel from?

Modwrap designed these transparent or opaque bags garment packaging bags that have proven to be quite a breakthrough for the transportation of such items. These bags are quite efficient and provide partial or full visibility of the clothes packed inside. These come with zippers to enable easy opening and closing. These bags are space-saving and can be purchased in bulk quantities. These are tear-resistant, heat and dust-proof. Companies can get their logos imprinted on the bags to add a personal appeal.

Modwrap or Modi Wrapstar Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggest manufacturers of CPE garment packaging bags with zippers. Based in Faridabad, Haryana, their company is one of the biggest manufacturers of all kinds of packaging materials. They are the leading stockiest, exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers of all packaging materials and machinery.

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