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Delhi, India, 2022-Oct-20 — /EPR Network/ — took a new stand on October 4th 2022, with the launching of ‘Weekly Pitch Events.’ This is a live online simultaneous broadcast that features innovative startups pitching their ventures for investors. Thus, interested individuals can now join with for more information on groundbreaking startup pitches every Tuesday from 5. pm to 7. p.m. GMT via Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

With the official launching of weekly pitch events, its first session on “Startups that shape the future industry.” This event consisted of 6 eminent founders who are raising money for their businesses and have been hand-selected by to make presentations to venture capitalists and angel investors all over the world. The event was hosted by Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, the founder of “” and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. In addition to serving as CEO, he has also worked as a venture capitalist, business owner, and merchant banker. In the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, he has also advised companies on deals worth more than €100 million and fundraising efforts totaling more than €50 million.

Elliot Parnhm, the Founder and CEO of Skyfarer had the privilege of initiating the session. He is an ambitious engineer, entrepreneur, and a graduate of Astronautics and Space Engineering MSc at Cranfield University. Previously he also received a first-class graduate from Coventry University studying Aerospace Engineering BEng. He presented Skyfarer, a company that uses autonomous flight technology to transport essential medical supplies (such as blood, vaccines, and organs) quickly and effectively while avoiding the need for costly infrastructure. “We build software to enable large-scale drone operations. We integrate technology to build systems and sell capability and software. We are pushing to solve the scalability problems including the operations in the process,” said Mr. Elliot.

The second speaker of the session was Miguel Reynolds Brandao, who represented Corckbrick. He started various businesses and NGOs in 1987 and has been an entrepreneur ever since. Miguel has years of experience as a business mentor, broker, negotiator, and strategist. Since 1994, he was a strategic management consultant for a number of institutions in Portugal, Brazil, and the USA. Moreover, he has written books and articles on entrepreneurship, a company brokering, teleworking, and strategic management systems. Miguel is the Founder and CEO of Corckbrick which has a mission to make people’s lives better by making it easier for people to design and remodel their homes and workplaces using resourceful, organic, and sustainable solutions. He stated, “For the first time in history, we have a solution that any of us regardless of being good or not, can adapt and create the spaces that we live in and change all the time. So, in reality, we end up creating a new category called sustainable dynamic structures.”

Deliu Florin, the Founder, and CEO of MetaDalos was also part of this weekly session. Thanks to his extensive industry experience, Mr. Florin is helping to establish digital startups and sustainable ventures. With continuing projects in the areas of cloud computing, cryptocurrency cloud services, infrastructure for renewable energy sources, international trade, and technology development, Dalos Corp is a multinational organization that aspires to meet all of the needs of contemporary society. Mr. Florin said, “MetaDalos is a unique play-to-earn metaverse experience based on blockchain and web 3.0 with activities set on different timelines. The idea is to bring multiple metaverse games and metaverse creators into the same ecosystem.” He also went on to discuss how MetaDalos will be easier for players and individuals who store wealth in their ecosystems.

The fourth speaker of the session was Nick Carbonari, who represented Eezylife. He has expertise serving as the CEO and founder of three companies. Thus, he is an individual who has worked with 360 Capital, AutoScout24, and Scout24. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of Eezylife, which is a life navigator that aids individuals make better decisions and maximize their daily activities. Mr. Carbonari was able to explain how Eezylife was aiming at solving wasting time browsing for personal preferences. “With Eezylife we create the personal internet. It’s a social productivity platform so that you can do more of the things you like with the people you like,” said Mr. Carbonari. He also elaborated on how they found a way in which how the internet comes to the user through a proactive recommendation system that is also driven by psychology.

Tara Khaira was also part of the valuable session and was able to share key insights on deKarb. He is an ecopreneur with experience in waste management, waste to energy, renewable energy, environment preservation, conservation, and sustainable development. Mr. Tara is also an investor, advisor, speaker, and journalist. Moreover, he is a professional environmental writer who actively works to raise widespread environmental awareness throughout the world. He is also the COO at deKarb, which is a company that aims at reducing carbon emissions. During the discussion, he spoke about the solution they aim at providing in order to reduce emissions. “We try to make it affordable, permanent, sustainable, and compact. So, we came up with a solution which is biomass through biochar. Biochar is charcoal made from organic material or organic waste in a specific oven with high temperatures and limited oxygen,” said Mr. Tara.

The last speaker of Weekly Pitch Events was Rasim Aliyev, Founder, and CEO of Raters.  He has had an international career in London, New York, Moscow, Rotterdam, and Baku. He is an accomplished Manager in Strategy and Transactions. Additionally, he specializes in business modeling, company and financial instrument valuation, and financial consultancy. He was able to speak about how Raters can solve the issues of filmmakers, studios, distributors, and marketing agencies who are struggling to get their audiences due to the limitations of the existing platforms. He stated, “To tackle this problem, we decided to create Raters, which is a recommendation platform our users can get detailed personalized recommendations for movies and other digital products. It also allows Studios, filmmakers, and other participants to promote their movies to highly targeted audiences or movie lovers based on our unique machine learning algorithms.”

The Weekly Pitch Events were an enormous success and gave participants insightful knowledge about various startups. Similar sessions have been reserved by for the upcoming weeks this month. The course will also involve free membership to, which gives participants access to marketing and promotion options and puts them in touch with investors directly. For more information on upcoming sessions and events, go to and’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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