New Book by Edward Figg: The Pipers Children: An Evacuees Wartime Story

New York, NY, 2022-Nov-15 — /EPR Network/ — ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to present the latest work by Edward Figg: The Pipers Children: An Evacuees Wartime Story

World War II had begun, and Operation Pied Piper, the British Government’s code name for the evacuation of children from Britain’s cities and towns, had started. In the skies above London, Britain is fighting for its very survival. By day and night, the cities are coming under attack. To escape the nightly bombing, brother’s Tom and Mark Spencer get sent to the countryside. For them, it’s a new kind of experience, a lifestyle full of exciting adventures, meeting different characters and making new friends. But even here in this quiet backwater of Somerset, war is never far away. Here, new friendships are born, and old ones die. Here is a tragic and sometimes funny story of the war seen through the eyes of a twelve-year-old boy evacuated from London to a farm in Somerset during the Blitz of 1940.

Born in the UK coastal town of Dover, Edward Figg worked in the motor trade for many years. He spent seven years as a special police officer in Kent and Cornwall. It was that which inspired him to pen the DCI Carter series. He also spent time working in research and development. Edward moved with his wife and children to Australia, where he spent some time writing for a farming newspaper. After retiring, for a short while, they lived in France. Later they returned and re-settled in Victoria and later on Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Edward now resides in Western Australia. When he is not writing, he plays lawn bowls, chess and read. He likes to direct his writing style to those looking for a different type of story, one that can be read by children and adults alike.

Title: The Pipers Children: An Evacuees Wartime Story
Author: Edward Figg
Publisher: Adelaide Books
Publisher Website:
Publisher Email:
ISBN: 978-1958419137
Price: $19.60
Page Count: 234 pages
Format: Paperback

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