Palatine Technology Group explains the significance of a Bench Warrant FTA

Are you looking for a safe platform to provide a collaborative environment for the court hearings procedures such as first appearances and arraignments? Do you want to fix the speed of the physical limitation process and use the latest technology? Palatine Technology Group has a proven system that provides a platform to conduct secure virtual court hearings from anywhere with internet access. 

Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2022-Nov-24 — /EPR Network/ — Palatine Technology Group announced the release of version 7 of CDCS (Court Document Collaboration System) with a new innovative interface to manage, issue, and maintain the Probation and the Bench warrant. This new release provides the state probation officers and the third-party probation companies registered by the counties secure Bench and Probation Warrants from state and Superior court judges.

A bench warrant is issued against offenses involving disobedience to court orders. The offenses involve FTA, not paying fines or penalties ordered by the court, etc. This bench warrant is also issued these days digitally, called an electronic bench warrant, for quick proceedings.

A bench warrant for Failure To Appear (FTA) is issued when the accused fails to attend the court hearing. This can be considered an offense in court and lead to criminal charges. If a person willfully misses the court hearing and a bench warrant is issued against him, the police have the authority to take the subject into custody and present in court. The actions taken after producing in court can be a fine, a warning, or further custody based on the severity of the offense. The chances of bail diminish with the number of offenses committed.

Removing the bench warrant issued against your name is also possible by providing a good reason for failing to appear when produced in court. The reason should be excusable.

Electronic bench warrants are bench warrants issued digitally. They help in saving time and resources. The bench warrant is issued digitally and shared with the officers in charge through cloud-based software. The officers receive the warrant digitally and continue with the case proceedings, enabling quicker action.


About the company:

Palatine Technology Group has been a pioneer in the process of digitalizing legal services. The company first began with the online or remote warrant issuing service. Thus, real-time legal management was made possible. The company also provides great software which simulates physical courts through video conferencing. The collaborative software for court cases is known to be resolved faster with diminished hassles. Being the experts in the field, Palatine Technology Group is the most sought-after for Elecronoic Warrant technology.


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