Nakla Unveils New Upgrades of its Nakla App

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2022-Nov-25 — /EPR Network/ — Nakla announces to include of new features and functionalities in its app that make it a more competent investing platform in the region. 


Nakla, the region’s top online investment platform, has upgraded its mobile application, i.e., the Nakla app. This advancement in the app will assist Nakla in expanding its growth in the MENA region. It will offer transparency and flexibility to tailor products and services efficiently, as per the customer and market requirements.


The release of the next-generation app introduces additional product enhancements for more direct fundraising and investing. Their objective is to dispel the widespread perception that investing is a privilege by democratising and facilitating it for everyone.


Nakla streamlines conventional investors’ tools, enabling anybody to register an account and begin investing and building their money. They urge their customers to start soon, avoid expensive costs, and remain diligent as the core of their approach.


Investors and traders seek value-based investments that do not jeopardise portfolio returns. Nakla’s newly released solutions enable anybody to invest while adhering to their beliefs and cultures, including investments in well-diversified, environmentally accountable products. 


What’s New in the App?


  • Inclusion of new fund pages in the app: Search for the mutual fund you wish to invest in and begin your investment in no time. They have included more mutual funds in the list, broadening the investors’ options.


  • Introduced a mutual fund calculator: To make the complicated calculation hassle-free, Nakla has also included a mutual fund calculator in the app. This calculator helps you calculate the returns you get by investing in any fund. 


  • Changed the website to a web application: Another impressive update of the app is its web application upgrade. The company has changed its website to a web application. 


  • Eye-to-eye comparison of mutual funds: You can easily compare two funds and make a wise decision when investing via this app. The app provides a clear comparison and helps you make wise investment decisions. 


  • Gain access to the detailed data of the mutual funds: Select the mutual fund you wish to invest in and go through its detailed data. Track its performance and know about the fund all under one roof.


The app aims to create a safe platform for making any investment without any fear. Whether you are looking to invest in mutual funds, ETFs or stocks, this unique app has covered you.


Nakla takes pride in its dedication to the advancement of the region’s investment business. The team is always trying to improve the quality and accessibility of services by leveraging sophisticated technologies. 


The business maintains its exceptional investment methodology based on passive investing and elevated service. With the new relationship, it can now provide a more profound and even more smooth investment experience that will have an even more significant impact on the lives of its clients.


“Nakla app is striving hard to exceed the expectations of its clients. The new upgrade will help investors to make wise decisions and select the right funds that meet their requirements. They will get a wide range of options to select their desired fund and calculate the yields seamlessly,” said Areej Alturki, CEO of Nakla. 


About Nakla:


Nakla is the fastest-growing investment platform in Saudi Arabia that caters to the need of both newbies and experienced investors. The platform makes investment seamless and reasonable for everyone by blending tried-and-true investment practices with cost-cutting technologies.


They provide access to on-demand financial specialists and help clients grow wealth with a customised, low-cost, diversified portfolio. Nakla streamlines conventional investors’ tools, enabling anybody to create an account in minutes, entirely online, and begin investing and building their money.

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