India Education Computing Devices Market Size, Growth Rate, Demand And Forecast 2028

India Education Computing Devices Industry Overview

The India education computing devices market size is anticipated to reach USD 12.79 billion by 2028, according to a new study by Grand View Research Inc. The market is projected to register a CAGR of 7.7% from 2021 to 2028. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the shift of several students between ages 12 and 18 to virtual classrooms. Therefore, the demand for computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops has witnessed a surge in 2020. This shift to e-learning is anticipated to revolutionize the education sector, thus promoting the trend of online education. The growth in online education is expected to be a major factor driving the growth of the market.


India Education Computing Devices Market Segmentation

Grand View Research has segmented the India education computing devices market based on product:

Based on the Product Insights, the market is segmented into Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

  • In India, smartphones witnessed the highest demand for educational purposes, accounting for over 85% of the overall volume share in 2020. Post pandemic, online learning is expected to become mainstream in the Indian education system and would no longer be considered as an alternative to traditional schooling. However, there is a vast digital divide in the country, primarily due to the affordability factor associated with devices that enable online education.
  • Over 80% of children in India are deprived of internet connectivity. Moreover, the country’s smartphone penetration was only approximately 25% as of 2020. This suggests that the growth of online education in India is dreary. However, since smartphones are the most economical option for online education, students from government-aided schools and institutions are widely adopting smartphones. Therefore, smartphones accounted for the largest share of the overall educational device sales in India. As of 2020, over 70% of Indian students used smartphones as many could not afford a tablet or a laptop.
  • The sale of laptops for education in India surpassed 100K units in 2020, registering a year-on-year growth of over 150% from 2019 to 2020. The report scope covers the sale of laptops for the age group 4-18 years, primarily focusing on schools. As schools continue to operate virtually, the demand for laptops is expected to surpass 160K by 2028. Tablets, although a preferred choice, did not witness significant growth in shipments as consumers preferred investing in smartphones with larger displays instead of tablets, mainly due to affordability. The segment demand reached almost 200k units in 2020 and is anticipated to register a CAGR exceeding 3% from 2021 to 2028.


Key Companies Profile & Market Share Insights

Vendors in the market offer educational computing devices under three main product categories: smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Chinese smartphone vendors in India compete largely based on the price-to-feature ratio. The average selling price for smartphones in India was between USD 100 and USD 200 as of 2020. Several vendors offer easy payment options to make these devices affordable by allowing users to pay in increments. Screen size and price are the main factors that influence the purchase decisions of consumers in this market.

Some of the prominent players operating in the India education computing devices market are:

  • Apple Inc.
  • ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
  • Dell Technologies
  • Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.


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