Simco describes the difference between double boiler, bain marie and water bath

NSW, Australia, 2023-Feb-07 — /EPR Network/ — A new blog post has been uploaded on the Simco website, where it has tried to break the long-standing myth of commercial bain-marie, double boiler and water bath being the same thing and explained them separately. The critical contribution to this content has come from many people, including content writers, graphic designers, and reputed officials with vast experience in the catering sector. The primary intention of this write-up is to tell the readers about the various aspects of the device and establish its identity.

According to a prominent employee of Simco, “Many food catering blogs, articles and other mediums seem to get confused between the terms bain marie, double boiler and water bath. Therefore, we decided to write a blog explaining their difference. It is to be noted that a double boiler contains a container filled with hot liquid with a pot overhead warmed by the steam from the beverage. The term bain-marie is universal and can refer to numerous ways of heating a pan by using hot liquid underneath such as double boilers, water baths, and chafing plates.”

The content takes its time to explain all the devices one by one. While talking about bain-marie, the content elaborates that the term has come from French, meaning Mary’s bath, which came from the Latin term of Balneum Mariae. As told in the content earlier, there are numerous versions of the product, and it is also employed in scientific use. According to the content, double boiler and water bath are two of the variants of the item, but one needs to know the ones to use. One can find multiple commercial bain-marie suppliers in Perth & Sydney for their requirements.

One of the versions, double boilers, are employed on the cooktop and are available in two parts. The first is a pan on the cooktop half-filled with a liquid with the second pot set up over it. These two devices can be bought together. The write-up also elaborates on the water bath utilised while preparing particular delicacies in the oven. While talking about the process, the blog says that the first step is to put the item in the dish, and then it is placed in a bigger pan filled with a bit of beverage which goes into the oven.

The content also teaches one to devise a commercial bain-marie or boiler if the kitchen hasn’t got one. The post tells that the process commences with choosing a mixing bowl made of steel or glass that can be placed on the pan’s top. It should be ensured that the exiting smoke doesn’t enter the food, therefore sealing the pan with the bowl is essential. The content further states that a large pyrex bowl is appropriate for the process. One can fill the pan with around an inch of water, get it to heat, and then add the needed items.

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