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SINGAPORE, 2023-May-12 — /EPR Network/ — Pacific Lab Services (PacLab) is the leading one-stop independent laboratory testing services provider in Singapore and across various regions, we continue to service our customers’ laboratory testing needs for decades, and beyond in the years to come. Housed in a state-of-the-art cleanroom-type of environment, PacLab is also well-equipped with a team of highly qualified laboratory staff, along with the latest range of laboratory testing equipment used for the testing of various types of chemicals and compounds that commonly found in foods, agricultural produce, feed, alcohol, and many others.


Known for its pride, and excellent track records when it comes to quality and customer service since the 1970s, PacLab has secured a foothold when it comes to retention and prioritising service standards towards our customers’ needs, both existing, and new. This also explains why our customers have continuously seek for our PacLab’s unique expertise edge, and advice on various kinds of rigorous compulsory laboratory testing services that are vital to the operations of these various companies undergoing their respective certification processes.


With the global emphasis towards companies undertaking various industry transformations, including putting environmental sustainability, social, and governance (ESG) matters at the forefront, consumers, and users have increasingly been placing various kinds of demands for companies to abide to, including their responsibility towards the consumers in providing good quality, safe, and environmental-friendly products that do not add more waste, but are instead reusable in many forms. Thus, the global emphasis of reinforcing the importance and applying the appropriate ESG best practices among consumers are where PacLab derives its niche, strengths, and its rigours in ensuring that products undergo the most stringent sets of laboratory testing rounds even before such products are deemed certifiable for the safe consumption or use by consumers.


If you are seeking for a widely-trusted, and proven laboratory testing services provider that have globally-recognised testing quality accreditations like ISO/IEC 17025 by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC-SINGLAS), then look no further than PacLab. PacLab is the leading choice for assurance, and service quality excellence when it comes to delivering the best quality laboratory testing outcomes that are independently verifiable.


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