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London, UK, 2023-Jun-5 — /EPR Network/ — EquityMatch.co completed another edition of Pitch Events (PEs) successfully, in addition to providing a platform for chosen business founders to present their innovative pitches.

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Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, who is not only the founder of EquityMatch.co but also the Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory hosted this episode as well. As a CEO, venture capitalist, business owner, and merchant banker with expertise spanning the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, Max’s advice has been sought for deals exceeding €100 million and fundraising efforts amounting to over €50 million for various companies.

On the show, Tauseef Riaz, a renowned venture builder, tech investor, global growth strategist, and digital transformation expert, attended as the guest panelist. He is the Co-Founder and Director of Considracare and Mashkraft. Tauseef who is not a stranger to the Pitch Events joined once again alongside Max to engage with the founders.

First to pitch was Glen Yarbrough, the Founder of Sports Zoom LLC, who considers himself to be a serial inventor and an entrepreneur. Glen seeks an investment in a pre-seed round. 

SwingZen which’s the key product of Sports Zoom is an AI-enhanced, leading-edge golf-training system. “It‘s focused on helping golfers utilize the technology in the phone to help improve their game”, Glen added. The app provides 5 areas of value, including visual reference, progress tracker, and teaching platform. The app provides instant feedback on the golfer’s body, club, and ball motion, including club and ball speed using a smartphone. It also uses AI analysis of the golfer’s swing to provide personalized instructions based on PGA teaching methods, making it a game changer for those who don’t have access to in-person pro lessons. For the revenue stream, SwingZen will use subscriptions, on-app advertising, purchasable lessons and more. “We have over 80 million golfers to approach with this app” Glen further stated. Glen also explained how they converted 10% of their free subscriptions (approx.2000 users) into paid ones by running an intensive beta process. During the topic of the target market with the guest panellist, Glen explained that SwingZen’s current focus is the US market. 

Next up was Marian Taglioli, who is the CEO of Matchine. She is seeking investment in a pre-seed round. 

Numerous platforms and websites display a variety of publications and deals, but finding the perfect vehicle requires users to apply multiple filters, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Matchine is basically a platform that “connects” buyers and sellers of all types of vehicles using AI. It operates like a Tinder of Mobility and proptech. ”It’s built on a user-friendly and graphical interface that combines a social network appearance like Instagram and operates like Tinder” Marian added. Obtaining swift geolocated results based on the user specifications of some of the unique features Matchine offers. “We are looking for a global consolidation” Marian added. As for the business model, the app offers B2B, B2C and C2C. It also has End-User and Car-User subscriptions. Matchine has completed launching in both Argentina and Spain and is now focusing on the seed round completion. Before concluding Marian discussed traction and monetization with Tauseef, stating that the app has over 500 users in Spain and is focusing on organic marketing to expand.

Pitching third was Benjamin Boyle, the CEO of CAIPITEAL, who is seeking investment in the seed round. Benjamin, a seasoned investor, and a bestselling author on investment strategies.

Benjamin began by explaining that 10% of millionaires lose their wealth in their lifetime, 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by 2nd generation, and 90% lose it by 3rd generation. CAIPITEAL launched to solve this. In a nutshell, it supports users to generate a steady monthly cash flow, regardless of their current net worth. A mix of debt and equity funding to purchase assets with low risk and high cash flow will be used. “We’ve run the strategy as if it’s been running for 17 years and we decided to run it for 17 years because we wanted to factor into the 2008/2009 recession” Benjamin explained. He then explained that the market size for CAIPITEAL has the potential to grow up to $3.6 trillion by 2025.  The business model follows the standard investment fund structure with a 2% assets under a management fee and a 20% profits fee charged. Benjamin revealed that the seed funding would mainly go towards marketing and establishing a retailer investor aspect. After a brief discussion, the pitch ended.

Thomas Winsor is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Round, has a lot of experience in the field of augmented and virtual reality consultancy and is part of the session to seek investment in the pre-seed round. 

The Round is a platform that enables its users to experience live events in Augmented Reality in their own space. In a nutshell, this innovative protocol offers unparalleled data efficiency and global accessibility, connecting audiences to unforgettable, real-time AR performances. “The global live entertainment industry is worth $370 billion” Thomas began. He outlined The Round’s strategy to bridge the revenue gap for live events and streaming while addressing accessibility issues such as cost and infrastructure limitations. “We generate revenue through monthly or annual subscriptions, and our principal economic driver is revenue generated for the use of our protocol” Thomas explained. The AR media and entertainment market is expected to have a CAGR of 43.8% from 2021 to 2028 and could reach a value of $16.4 billion by 2028 if it follows the same trends as the overall entertainment market. The Round hopes to capture over 8% of that market. While there’s some competition, Thomas ensured that none has the quality, affordability, accessibility and scalability. Following the informative Q&A session, we proceeded to the final pitch.

Hayford Tawiah is the Founder of Proxy Fidelity Services. He has been involved in the Poxy-related service field for over 3 years and he is currently seeking investment in the pre-seed round. 

Hayford aims to ease the challenges and risks that remote Expatriates and African diaspora face when undertaking projects or providing services in Ghana. Fund Misappropriation, poor accountability and record keeping, and the difficulty in assembling a project team are a few of these challenges. Basically, Proxy Fidelity is an online project management platform that aims to support Expatriates and Africans in the diaspora who want to undertake projects or provide services in Ghana remotely whilst out of town or country or continent. “We’re more of like a virtual clone of the client in another part of the world” Hayford added later on. It’s user-friendly and secure, it offers various tools and resources to help clients manage their projects, regardless of their location. Hayford explained how this is a $49 billion market. For the revenue model, Hayford stated “It’s based on subcontract commission, subscription fee, renting of equipment and consulting and service fee”, During the discussion with guest panellist, Tauseef, Hayford further elaborated on Proxy Fidelity’s aim and purpose while also confirming that they have completed few projects with clients in the diaspora and is even able to share their successful results.

Finally, Max, presented all the founders with the game-changing question “Why should an investor invest in your venture?”

Thomas Winsor answered first, that he expects substantial growth in the AR Media Entertainment Market and anticipates The Round’s AR streaming services achieving success comparable to Netflix or YouTube within 5-10 years.   

Benjamin Boyle stated that CAIPITEAL could help wealthy families sustain their wealth over generations, despite statistics indicating a decline in generational wealth for 90% of these families.

Glen Yarbrough emphasized the growth of golfing and the significance of AI in the industry. SwingZen is leading this trend and has the necessary experience to achieve global success after a successful beta test.

Marian Taglioli highlighted that Matchine had launched in Argentina and Spain, providing numerous benefits to both partners and users. With a capable and experienced team, they are prepared to tackle any challenge with efficiency.

Hayford Tawiah stated that Proxy Fidelity’s currently operating with minimal funding, but the investment would help them capture a larger portion of the $49 billion annual remittances to Africa. With advanced technology in place, he predicted significant profits for investors within six to twelve months. 

Max expressed gratitude to all who participated in the Pitch Event session before concluding. EquityMatch.co provides marketing and promotion options to participants and connects them directly with investors through available courses. Check out www.equitymatch.co and their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for upcoming sessions and events.


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