Elevate Your Bathroom Space with Marmox Australia’s Premium Shower Trays

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, 2023-Sep-29 — /EPR Network/ — Marmox Australia, a renowned manufacturer and distributor of specialist building, renovation, and construction products, offers an exquisite range of shower tray systems designed to transform bathroom spaces with finesse. Catering to professional builders, architects, plumbers, distributors, home improvement stores, home and building renovators, and DIY homeowners Australia-wide, Marmox’s products are meticulously crafted to blend superior functionality with aesthetic appeal.


The exceptional features of Marmox shower trays are engineered to deliver optimum performance and ease of installation. Each tray is pre-graded to the waste outlet, ensuring a seamless water flow and efficient drainage. The design allows for easy trimming or extension, providing the flexibility to fit any shower space precisely. With user-friendly features and a lightweight design, the hassle-free installation becomes advantageous for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


Available in a wide array of sizes and drainage offsets, these shower trays cater to diverse shower design preferences, making them a versatile choice for any bathroom renovation or construction project. The range of dimensions ensures that there’s a perfect fit for any type of shower configuration. Whether a standard size or a custom fit is required, these shower trays can be easily extended or trimmed to meet the specific requirements of a project. Marmox Australia understands that each job is unique. Hence, their products are tailored to adapt seamlessly to varying needs, saving both time and effort in the installation process.


One of the unparalleled features of Marmox’s shower trays is their robust construction that can impeccably support mosaic tiles as small as 100mm without any risk of compression through point loading. This remarkable strength sets Marmox apart from many other brands, allowing for a greater creative scope in shower designs. Incorporating intricate mosaic designs into shower spaces has never been easier, paving the way for a visually captivating shower area that showcases unique style and meticulous attention to detail.


“Marmox is dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry standards by offering products that resonate with quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. By choosing our premium shower tray system, professionals and homeowners are investing in a product that blends innovation, functionality, and style,” says Mary Ann Azer, marketing and HR director of Marmox Australia.


Continuing the legacy of innovation, Marmox remains committed to introducing products synonymous with quality and contemporary design. The trusted name they have built over the years in the market comes from their relentless pursuit of excellence and a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs. They continually strive to ensure that every product released under their banner sets a new benchmark in the industry. The shower tray systems are a testament to Marmox’s unwavering commitment to providing superior and cutting-edge solutions to professional builders, renovators, and property owners.


Interested parties are encouraged to enquire about the products offered and where to get them. Explore how they can elevate bathroom spaces to a new level of elegance and functionality. Contact Marmox Australia to learn more.



About Marmox Australia:


Marmox Australia is part of the International Group of Marmox companies which manufacture and distribute a range of specialist building products for the construction and renovation industries all over the world. In Australia, Marmox specialises in being the premium supplier of waterproof, thermal insulating tile backer boards, shower bases, shower niches, and Thermoblock, a unique insulation product designed to combat thermal bridging.



Press Contact:

Mary Ann Azer

Marketing & HR Director, Marmox Australia

Email: maryann@marmox.com.au

Phone: 1300 783 693

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