Trade Tech Launches Rebrand as it Taps into Customers’ Demand for Fully Digitalized Solutions

Seattle, WA, 2023-Dec-18 — /EPR Network/ — Trade Tech, an industry-leading global logistics platform, is unveiling a brand refresh that includes a new logo and a new website with an emphasis on: “We’re Different; We’re Digital.” The brand refresh reflects a renewed focus on Trade Tech’s key differentiator—a fully digitalized global logistics platform that meets customers’ demands rather than partial digitalization, which falls short.

According to Trade Tech co-founder and president Bryn Heimbeck, globally accessible central platforms that allow all parties to work together in real time are the future, but not all platforms are the same. There is no other system that offers all four components necessary for fully digitalized global logistics management; therefore, no other transportation management system is offering optimized digitalization, which is limiting their ability to deliver the results the industry is calling for.

“Simplifying the overwhelming complexity of global trade is the first step to facilitating a fluid, efficient supply chain. This can be accomplished with a system that fully leverages digitalization to create an organized, collaborative, end-to-end process that drives efficiency and visibility; this is what others talk about, but we actually deliver on that promise,” said Mr. Heimbeck.

Trade Tech’s unique approach includes the combination of the following four components, which represent the foundation of Trade Tech’s fully digitalized global logistics management solution portfolio and the backbone of what makes Trade Tech different—It’s digital and it’s poised for the future. The four components are as follows:

1. A single platform that has the power, security, and redundancy to support global trade on a massive scale, which is why Trade Tech is on AWS.
2. A platform that is electronically connected to all of the carriers – Air, Ocean, Rail, Truck, Barge – and Customs Agencies (USA, Europe, Japan, Canada and others). This eliminates the need for data to be re-keyed, and also allows for essential feedback from each of these critical parties to be automatically incorporated into the working environment.
3. An easy-to-navigate user interface that anyone in the world can access, enabling collaboration among multiple parties who have visibility into the same data at the same time.
4. A global supply chain ERP, which links the supply chain and logistics processes from end-to-end–From Sales to Operations to Accounting; from Purchase Order to Shipment to Inventory Replenishment.
“We recognize that without all four components, our customers do not receive the benefits of full digitalization, which leaves their supply chains vulnerable to inefficiency and errors. We know that without a powerful platform that connects all parties, you will not have the global reach for desired seamless collaboration. Without an engaging, easy-to-navigate interface, people will avoid using the system. And without a global supply chain ERP—you cannot easily connect all the moving parts from sales to inventory replenishment,” said Mr. Heimbeck.

Trade Tech — A global logistics platform developed by logisticians for logisticians

More than 25 years ago, co-founders Bryn Heimbeck and Kevin Clark and a group of logisticians came together united by a shared vision to propel the industry forward with a new concept called “cloud computing.” Trade Tech was established to revolutionize global trade, igniting a new way of digital excellence as freight management systems are often disjointed and employ disparate data standards, leading to a fragmented workflow.

The refreshed brand identity and website provides an environment for Trade Tech to highlight its unique digital foundation and showcase its strength as a leader in global logistics management solutions. Businesses can look to Trade Tech to improve their supply chain process management with its groundbreaking technology and gain valuable insights that shed light on how technology is transforming the way logistics is managed and optimized.

Mr. Heimbeck continued: “For more than two decades, Trade Tech has been committed to perfecting the global shipment process via digitalization. Our updated corporate branding mirrors our core values of innovation, collaboration, transparency, and accountability. We stand proud of our lasting legacy of customer-centric innovation excellence specializing in cloud-based global logistics management solutions.”

About the new Trade Tech logo

Trade Tech is announcing the launch of its new logo, symbolizing the company’s strategic vision and core capabilities in the logistics industry. The symbol design in the logo features interconnected nodes, representing key features that are important, including integration and collaboration. The blue color palette reinforces our commitment to trust, reliability, and communication.

The tagline “Global Logistics Platform” highlights our expansive operational reach. The updated logo signifies Trade Tech’s focus on delivering efficient, technology-driven logistics services globally.

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