Sphinx Egypt sits well within Worldwide Project Consortium

Released on = December 10, 2006, 10:56 pm

Press Release Author = Worldwide Project Consortium

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = The Worldwide Project Consortium has welcomed Sphinx Egypt
Ltd. Co to its specialist global logistics network.

Press Release Body = WWPC General Manager, Kevin Stephens, based in Queensland,
Australia, said today (December 11, 2006) Sphinx Egypt, with offices in Cairo and
Alexandria, had more than 20 year's experience delivering outstanding service along
the important transport artery between Egypt and Europe.
"Sphinx Egypt has an expert team that ensures the Worldwide Project Consortium is
well positioned to maximise opportunities in one of the most dynamic emerging
markets in the world," Mr Stephens said.
"The Worldwide Project Consortium has an enviable track record of success that can
help meet the logistics needs of a diverse range of clients, particularly those
working on large oil and gas projects in the Middle East region."
Mr Stephens said Sphinx Egypt Ltd. Co. was headed by Dr. Naim Amen and had
substantial experience in custom clearance and freight forwarding, particularly
large-scale projects throughout Egypt including heavy lifts and oversize cargo.
WWPC members will be gathering in Cape Town, South Africa, from March 29-30, 2007 to
attend the annual Partnering for the Future Conference. More than 100 participants
are expected to attend.
Major sponsors at the conference included Rickmers-Linie GmbH, Germany; Volga-Dnepr
(UK) Limited; Air Partner plc, U.K.; Macs Maritime, South Africa; Beluga Chartering
GmbH, Germany; and Sun Communications PR and Media, Australia.

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