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What kind of press releases can be submitted over to EPR Network?

There is no any restriction imposed on the type and kind of press releases that could be published on EPR Network as long as they are written in a format of press release. For more detailed information please read our terms of service.

How can I submit a press release?

We've made it as easy as possible, there is no registration required and the on-line press release submission form is made up of only several fields for very quick submission. We do value your time and privacy!

How long does it take for my press release to appear online?

Due to the huge number of press release submissions we normally receive allow us up to 4 weeks to have your standard (free) press releases published. Usually it takes somewhere between a few hours and several days at most. Featured (paid) press release is normally sent out within hours upon the submission (excluding weekends and U.S. national holidays).

Are there any human editors to review my submission or it is an automated site?

EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the Web. Inappropriate, irrelevant, offensive and unrelated content will not be published on EPR Network. All press release submissions are published pending approval. For more information please read our terms of service.

Is there any charge for submiting press releases?

There is no charge associated with your free press release submissions. It's completely free and you can submit as many press releases as you need at any time you want. We are currently charging a flat $29 (featured) / $59 (featured) fee per single press release distributed via EPR Network. Update: Still looking for the good old free press release distribution EPR used to offer in the past? Relax, we are back!!! Having received thousands of emails (literally) over the past 2 years, since we have discontinued our free package, asking for the popular free Express Press Release Distribution from the past we have finally made our mind and decided on bringing it back! You can again have your press releases distributed for free via EPR Network over here: And that's not all! Aside re-launching our popular free package from the past we have also come up to a much better one: free and real time press release distribution. Try it out for yourself on – it’s free and in real time.

What if I need to update my press release?

Generally there is no option for updating press releases. This is our philosophy to act as public archive for press releases and you can only submit new press release, but not to modify an existing one. Yet, if you really need to edit or delete a press release you just have to let us know the complete URL (web address) of the PR as found on any site of EPR Network, complete title of the PR, your name and email address (the same you used at the time you submitted your PR). In general, your email address should match the email address found in the contact details of the press release to be deleted/edited. We might possibly need to ask you for some additional verification in order to make sure you are the person who published that PR and are still eligible to edit/delete it. All removal/update requests should be sent to info [at]

How often am I allowed to publish the same press release?

There is no limitation in the number of submissions you can make. However you are not allowed to re-submit the same or very identical press release, if this press release is still shown on our home page. In other words you should wait for your press release to be archived and completely disappear from the front/home page of our site in order to be able to submit it again. Even archived, your press releases will still be available on our site and be searchable / accessible through our own side wide search functionality as well as by all major search engines.


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