BlogCatalog introduces itself as a new blog listing service

Released by:Brad Jasper

BlogCatalog is a new service aimed at providing blog creators with greater exposure and supplying visitors with a better experience.

BlogCatalog proudly announces its launch as a new blog listing service. BlogCatalog meets two primary goals:
- Supply blog creators with greater exposure
- Provide visitors searching for unique blogs an extensive selection to choose from

As a creator, countless hours are spent perfecting your blog. Unfortunately, the “if you build it, they will come” ideology does not always work in bringing visitors to your site. This is where BlogCatalog steps in. With BlogCatalog, you can continue to spend effort perfecting your blog, and we do all of the promotion for you. No more lost hours trying to find link exchanges or other ways to promote your blog; BlogCatalog allows you to focus on creating better content for your visitors.

Visitors are often in search of new and interesting blogs to read. Unfortunately this can be a tedious process. With BlogCatalog you can search for what you’re interested in or even see what other visitors are interested in by their comments and blog rankings.

Regardless of whether you’re a blog creator or a blog visitor, BlogCatalog is a great resource for you. Visit us today:

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