How the heck did Marc Silber get that frog to swim into a cloud?

Released on = February 4, 2005, 10:25 am

Press Release Author = Pacific Marketing Designs

Industry = Environment

Press Release Summary = Marc Silber’s photographs ( have been acclaimed as “brilliant” “inspiring” and ”evocative” but all we want to know is how he got that shot of the frog swimming into a cloud?

Press Release Body = Silber studied photography at the celebrated San Francisco Art Institute; he went on to capture diverse images from portraits to landscapes in black & white and color. But perhaps his most shocking image is of a frog appearing
to swim into a cloud (see the last image in “places” When asked how he got the shot Marc replied:

“A teacher loaned me his Nikonos (Nikon underwater camera), I had found a rather large grown up frog swimming in my pool, the very frog I had captured at a nearby lake when he was a tadpole and set loose in the yard. I dove into the chilly winter pool and with teeth chattering, swam under him and snapped this shot on a cloudy day. This is a totally real shot with the cloud appearing to hang in the water. All of my shots were taken on the basis of reality without posing or contrived images. This has made a sort of ‘time track’ of my adventures that I have exhibited at my gallery.”

Marc Silber’s on line gallery has been met with tremendous acclaim, here’s a sampling quoted from recent visitors: “I loved your site and all the images and I Love the aesthetics...” “My favorite is "Escuela" in Mexico; it’s a brilliant image.” “Very inspiring images!” “These are beautiful photos and really evocative... even those which depict places
I’ve never been to. I can see your affinity to Ansel Adams” “Fabulous! You have real talent.” “Very impressive” “it is artful, beautiful, sophisticated.”
“Of course your work is beautiful...moving...thank you for sharing it…came at a perfect time...”
“I am very impressed! Some really neat images! Congrats!” “You are amazing. I thought so then and I think so now”

Marc Silber’s photography can be seen at

Web Site =

Contact Details = Bear Silber
1448 Ridgewood Drive
San Jose,CA 95118


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