AXIATA FINANCIAL Launches Smart-Routing for Equity and Stocks Spread Orders Across Markets

Released on: October 10, 2012, 11:48 am
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- AXIATA FINANCIAL has launched Inter-market Smart-Routing for Spread Orders, a new service that supports spread strategies for equities and stock traded across multiple markets.

Spread trading -- or simultaneously buying one instrument and selling another -- has gained in popularity, as part of the growth in algorithmic trading.

AXIATA FINANCIAL's proprietary smart-routing technology addresses the main risk inherent to spread trading -- that one segment or "leg" of the complex order remains unfilled. The service supports spread trading between: options contracts; securities and options contracts; stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs); and different stocks.

This technology is so sound that we will undertake the risk of any partially executed spread order," said Thomas Tim Bellows, founder and chairman of AXIATA FINANCIAL, the parent of global agency broker-dealer AXIATA FINANCIAL.

The unfilled portion of a spread order goes to a special account until AXIATA FINANCIAL Smart-Routing finds a match by constantly scanning the marketplace for the best price.

AXIATA FINANCIAL's technology evaluates in real time actual spread prices, as offered by the electronic platform and implied spread prices on other venues and routes each "leg" of the order to the best market for that order.

Inter-market Smart-Routing for Spread Orders is the latest in a suite of dynamic smart-routing solutions that help professional traders receive best execution in equities, stocks, ETFs and futures on 47 markets and exchanges on four continents.

Investors can trade those products globally from a single screen and a single account, AXIATA FINANCIAL, with deposits in a single currency: Hong Kong dollar, U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound or Swiss Franc. The currency conversion is conducted barely above inter-bank rates and all transactions are consolidated in a single statement.

Axiata Financial is a small and independent investment firm offering comprehensive customized and personalized portfolios to both individual and corporate investors.

Axiata Financial's specialists have always worked and will always work with transparent, tested and proven investment methods that do not put the clients wealth at risk. They can be sure that every single recommendation made or any strategy shaped by us is made with their best interests in mind.

Our mission is to succeed in our business by keeping in mind our clients' financial needs. Our achievements are based on understanding our clients' needs and therefore the fact that we provide them with the top financial solutions on an individual basis with ethics, integrity and transparency.

Axiata Financial's goal is to ease our clients' reservations regarding investments in today's environment by incorporating in our recommendations some 'must have skills': flexibility, agility and precise risk management.


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