Elite Heritage – a New Virtual Marketplace Bringing Authentic Italian Products to the U.S. Market

Released on: September 25, 2013, 1:40 pm
Industry: Marketing

Dublin, Ireland, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Elite Heritage serves as a dedicated platform that will soon start offering high quality Italian products in the segments of food, apparel, leather products, furniture, and any other product with a special care for detail and the pursuit of elegance. In addition, the site provides users with information related to travel, Italian food and recipes, learning the Italian language and other great resources.

Products are being hand-selected and based on the best raw materials (ingredients) available in the market and they are produced or manufactured with the highest standards of quality, ingenuity, and exclusivity, typical of small productions with years, if not centuries, of experience. Each product has its own identification code and it is possible to verify its authenticity from a central cloud service and download the documentation of every step of its production.

Elite Heritage is dedicated to the continuity of the heritage of high quality products manufactured or produced using old habits, formulas, and techniques that still persist in Italy and in Europe. These practices are at risk to extinct, because big retailers prefer volumes and therefore low cost products manufactured in a factory or in low cost emerging nations without the tradition existing in Europe but only with imitation or counterfeiting are continuing to spread.

Using the power of the internet and social media, it is possible to sustain the flourishing of a new renaissance of high quality products and luxury items by providing a new level of interaction between producers and consumers of high quality products.

Our mission is to provide the best possible virtual marketplace to Companies dedicated to high quality and excellence to support their revenues and the capabilities of staying in the market, by providing a new level of interaction between producers and consumers of high quality products., says the Founder of Elite Heritage.

About Elite Heritage
Elite Heritage is a virtual marketplace offering products made from the finest suppliers in Italy by employing only traditional methods of excellence and high quality. Our vision is to provide the world with an opportunity to purchase premium products, made in Italy from the finest suppliers with traditional methods and the highest quality that is rarely used anywhere else in the world anymore, through a convenient one-stop ecommerce portal.

Visit us today at http://theeliteheritage.com

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