Global Leadership Development Firm LeaderBoom Inc. Launches NYC “Pathways to Goal Alignment” Workshops October 5th-6 NYC

Released on: September 18, 2013, 11:50 am
Industry: Education

New York, NY, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- LeaderBoom Inc. is a results-oriented Toronto based firm that prepares emerging leaders to be successful in roles by expanding their skills to work effectively across geographies and by enhancing their ability to execute on complex corporate objectives. The firm launches its workshops to the NYC market October 5 & 6.

From their research, which includes direct contact with 50 individuals in global organizations spanning 4 continents, and collaborating with a Global Advisory Team, LeaderBoom has learned that the dominating trends in the Leadership Training and Development Industry for 2013 are being influenced by two primary factors:

- The globalization and interconnectivity of businesses through internet technology
- The increasing volatility of employment due to the growing pool of multicultural and multigenerational qualified candidates that have emerged as a result of increased globalization and a rise in populations.

According to author, researcher and speaker, Dan Schawbel, the Millennial Generation will make up more than 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. This Millennial Generation is the generation born between 1982 and 1993, some 81 million individuals who are reshaping the world of business. This generation needs to be led in a different way that supports how they use technology, their cultural patterns and their way of communicating. LeaderBoom has designed their programs based on the global and demographic shifts taking place in the workplace and have created specific, targeted training for emerging leader development that include, mentoring, coaching and transference of knowledge on effective leadership strategies.

Are you feeling pressure to balance the demands from your market and employees that simultaneously span a multitude of cultures and generations?

Established NYC organizations who face the challenge of aligning diverse teams towards goal fulfillment, should seriously consider attending the LeaderBoom Pathways to Goal Alignment Workshops, October 5th-6 NYC. Organizations will benefit by learning and taking action on the following:

- Five Global Trends Shaping the Next Face of Leadership
- Strategic Insights from Research with 50 Individuals in Global Organizations
- Why Creating Value from Diversity is the New Corporate Opportunity
- Framework for Self-Actualizing Goal Fulfilment through Team Alignment
- Leadership Strategies for Managing and Adapting to Change

Who Should Attend?
- Leadership Executives
- VP's of HR
- Business Line Leaders
- Emerging Leaders
- OD Professionals
- Leadership Academics

Dates and Location:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013,
Location: New York Public Library, Science, Industry and Business Library, Conference Room: 014/015
Address: 188 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
Time: 12:30pm Registration, 1:00pm-5:00pm Event

(Note: This is not an instructional program of the New York Library)

Date: Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013,
Location: Holiday Inn, Conference Room: Renaissance A
Address: 440 W 57 Street, New York, NY
Time: 12:30pm Registration, 1:00pm-5:00pm Event

Cost of Program:

Registration: or

About LeaderBoom
LeaderBoom, with a site at, is a results-oriented firm that provides multi-cultural and multi-generational leadership development and training. The company prepares emerging leaders to be successful in roles by expanding their competencies to work effectively across geographies and by enhancing their ability to execute on complex corporate objectives.

LeaderBoom developed its methodology and leadership development training and seminars through direct contact with 50 proven leaders in global business and academia across 4 continents. In addition, a network of leading thinkers and business practitioners has been established to form LeaderBoom's Global Advisory Council with representation from five countries around the world.

Since the launch of the LeaderBoom website in June 2013, the Blog has attracted 6,700+ readers and the LeaderBoom Facebook page has built 10,000+ FB followers. The LeaderBoom Vimeo and Youtube global leader interviews have also had considerable interest at 300 total views in the last months of activity.

Workshop Facilitator
LeaderBoom Inc. was founded by Ann Marie MacDougall, who has more than 20 years of proven leadership in the Canadian Banking industry, where she successfully led diverse teams that were multi-generational and multi-cultural in multi-channel environments to collaborate with each other and execute projects that involved complex and challenging new initiatives.

Ann Marie has a passion for continuous learning and has studied at ten universities and has travelled to twenty countries - learning from the cultural and demographic diversities observed throughout. Ann Marie holds an MBA though the Rotman School of Business in Toronto and an Executive Global MBA from St. Gallen University in Switzerland.

NYC Press Contact:
Jasmine Sandler

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