Shawn Rae releases American debut of cross-cultural interfaith Christmas album, 'A World Christmas'

Released on: September 18, 2013, 10:14 am
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The international recording artist known worldwide as Shawn Rae has released the American debut of his full-length Christmas album, A World Christmas: Love Knows No Borders. The album contains 11 tracks for 40 minutes of delightful listening time. A grand collection of traditional season classics, this LP is a gorgeous showcase for Rae's rich and soulful singing voice. Yet the album is still most notable for its cultural, spiritual and humanitarian principles, which are unlike any Christmas album ever released.

The message in the album, writes Rae, himself, is about love knowing no borders. It is the first Christmas album from the Muslim world made with respect for Christianity, and which utilized the services of Christians, Jews, Muslims and those of other faiths to complete it.

A fine example of this collaborative work is in Rae's rendition of Feliz Navidad. Rae sings this classic in Spanish and English as has been done since the song was written in 1970. As his somewhat more tender version continues, however, he is joined by a chorus of others singing in an array of languages from around the world, including Hebrew, Arabic, French, Greek, Iraqi, Urdu, Italian, Chinese and still more.

Also of especial note is the inclusion of Baby It's Cold Outside, an award-winning song penned in 1944, famously singled out by Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Sayiid Qutb in '51 as an example of American lasciviousness and immorality. Rae, who is from a Muslim background, sings this beautiful duet with none other than singer, actress Deana Martin, a Christian, daughter of iconic Dean Martin. Deana's previous duet was recorded with the great, world famous American singer, Andy Williams. The song is therefore an international reconciliation of great religious, cultural and historical significance worldwide.

Perhaps the most heartfelt and poignant track on A World Christmas is My Grown-Up Christmas List. Rae's singing is profoundly and strikingly personal in this track, particularly when he suggests a peaceful resolution to the world's conflicts: No more lives torn apart, wars that never start right would always win, and love would never end.

Naturally, as longtime fans of Rae will intuit, A World Christmas: Love Knows No Borders is a musically elegant record. Fans merely listening for the pleasure of appreciating a great work of musical art are certain to be delighted. With arrangements by the renowned composer Charles Calello, and performances by Rae that highlight his exceptional standards, A World Christmas is a Christmas album that indeed sounds heavenly but it is also a true miracle on earth, and that is what Christmas is about.

A World Christmas: Love Knows No Borders is readily available online around the world.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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