I Want A Speaker Launches New Website To Bring Public Speakers And Clients Together

Released on: December 04, 2013, 1:35 pm
Industry: Internet & Online

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Chris Taylor - Managing Director is happy to announce the launch of their new Public Speaking website which will allow for public speakers and clients looking for public speakers to come together and build a trusted relationship

Immediate release: 29th November 2013. Public speaking has become an important part of a business marketing plan and with more organisations looking for confident and professional public speakers to talk at their events and to share their knowledge, it stands to reason that someone should come forward and provide an easy access for public speakers and clients to find each other. That service is being provided by www.iwantaspeaker.com

Chris Taylor and his team from I Want A Speaker.com have come up with a solution to a problem that has been around for years, how do you bring public speakers and clients together in a simplicity way? By bringing out a brand new website using new Industry Disruptive technology by Erudyte Technologies Ltd, which uses modern technology to change for the better the way business is done in the service sector, is the answer.

A business owner or a sales manager goal is to bring in business and increase revenue, however we all know that in this day and age it is a struggle and lots of companies are fighting over the same pie, trying to get the customers that you want and need. With gate keepers in place keeping you away from your potential customers and telesales becoming a vile word, business owners need to find a way to get in front of their potential customers to bring in that sale and that is where I Want A Speaker.com comes in.

Marketing your business no matter how small your business is should be your number one goal, by becoming a public speaker you are able to reduce the wasted hours you spend on marketing methods that may not work for you and reduce the outlay you spend on advertising campaigns that may not be as successful as you hoped. A lot of business owners and senior managers fail to understand that they have knowledge and knowledge is power.

By registering for free at www.iwantaspeaker.com you can use your knowledge and become a public speaker and get in front of your potential customers and share your knowledge and increase your sales.

For years public speakers have been around but what a lot of business owners did not know was, a lot of these public speakers are attending events in front of business leaders and decision makers, not just to share their knowledge and help the business audience to learn new skills and take them away to use in their business, these public speakers are there to network, to increase their brand awareness and to generate business for their company.

Business leaders from small and large companies attend many public speaking events each year to learn how they can make their business more successful and this is an opportunity a lot of business people are missing out on. You could become a public speaker and attend these events and share your knowledge and network with your potential customers and all you have to do to get started is to register for free with www.iwantaspeaker.com

Do not miss out on the ideal marketing opportunity of a lifetime, visit www.iwantaspeaker.com today and use your knowledge to sell your business service or product.

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