OCEAN Avenue Marketing & Event Management Launches, Delivers a ‘New Agency Model’

Released on: February 27, 2014, 1:47 pm (EST)
Industry: Advertising

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- OCEAN Avenue Marketing and Event Management group has launched in Richmond Hill, Ontario – a booming municipality at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Touting “Deeper Possibilities for Business™”, OCEAN Avenue is a hybrid marketing, communications, design and event management firm with a focus on the delivery of scalable solutions that grow over time with a customer’s needs. These tiered, results-driven solutions mix traditional and digital formats at different stages of the customer’s growth, culminating in a “marketing blueprint” for longterm success.

“The marketing services industry is transforming,” reflected
Elizabeth Bryan, Owner and Creative Director. “Nowadays, creativity is one thing – positive returns are another. Customers expect us to be more accountable for the work we perform and to deliver measurable results. Our goal is to understand where our customers are positioned in their industry, to articulate their vision and help them achieve recurring business through a budget-driven, planned course of delivery.”

OCEAN Avenue offers a diverse portfolio of traditional and technology-based marketing solutions, including:

• Brand creation
• Packaging solutions
• Print and broadcast advertising
• Public relations
• Sales tools/training materials
• Customer retention plans/loyalty programs
• Communications strategies/content management
• Direct response mail services and promotions
• Web-based technologies
• Signage
• Event Management
• Translation Services
• Marketing data management SAAS (Software as a Service)

The Company has taken a unique approach to pricing, building a value-based structure that throws away the concept of billable hours and places value on efficiency, productivity and results.

“There is so much creative and intellectual talent emerging in our field. We have kids coming out of college who are able to quickly execute solutions and adapt to the modern world of advertising and communications. Why should they be paid any less than someone who has been in the industry for 20 years? Our pricing model assumes that all of our consultants are equally talented, and that specializations often overlap. Regardless of who executes, Campaign ‘X’ should usually yield ‘Y’ results and cost ‘Z’ dollars, no matter who the client is.”

While the Company won’t turn down ‘one-off’ creative work, their goal is to support the long-term objectives of the businesses they serve. Relationships are rooted in conversations with customers about how to align marketing strategy with their growth and profitability goals.

From start-ups, to medium sized businesses focused heavily on customer acquisition or product launches, to larger companies that want to implement communications or customer retention plans – OCEAN Avenue is poised to deliver a marketing strategy for every budget and business requirement.

OCEAN Avenue is one of the first GTA agencies to introduce this ‘new agency model’ and recognizes both the challenges and opportunities in selling the concept. “You’ve got to take chances to become a leader,” Ms. Bryan hypothesizes. “ ‘Hybrid’…’value-based pricing’…’scalable solutions’…some of this terminology is going to be foreign to customers who just want a sign, a brochure or a website. We’ll give them the roadmap and they can walk away at no cost. But we believe if we can demonstrate innovation and greater value to the customer over time, the chances of them maintaining a relationship with us are excellent. And those continued conversations we have will actually help us re-shape and improve what we’ve started and will perfect our model in future.”

OCEAN Avenue is confident that their approach will be an asset to customers trying to work their way through the proliferation of content channels, devices, marketing technologies and the complexity of managing paid/earned/owned media in order to reach consumers effectively and efficiently. In a consultative environment, they advise customers which media work well together, what works best in succession, and offer prescriptive advice on how to best apply them.

OCEAN Avenue is an integrated marketing, communications and design firm with more than 25 years of expertise. Our focus is on the delivery of scalable marketing solutions that help strengthen your brand, drive revenues and retain existing customers. OCEAN Avenue proposes Deeper Possibilities for Business™ by offering value-based solutions that merge traditional marketing services with digital and data management delivery platforms.

For more information, email info@oceanave.ca or contact us directly:

Contact-Details: Elizabeth Bryan
Creative Director
647 588 7387

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