Ducoterra Launches Next Generation Infrared Radiant Heating Panel

Released on: March 31, 2014, 7:08 am (EDT)
Industry: Industrial

Ducoterra, the premier manufacturer of infrared heating panels, is pleased to announce its new lightweight Sola Ray II infrared radiant heating panel with improved performance and aesthetics.

Olympia, WA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Ducoterra, a leader in infrared heating technology, announced today that its next generation infrared radiant heating panel, the Sola Ray II, will be delivered to customers this month. This economical and energy-efficient electric panel works by producing sun-like radiant heat that directly warms people quickly and comfortably without requiring ducting or forced air as do convective type heaters, while reducing indoor air pollution and staying whisper quiet. “We delivered over 500 of our first generation Sola Ray heating panels to delighted homeowners across the country last year,” said Patrick Beebe-Sweet, President, “and we are certain our new panels will be even better received.”

The new, all-aluminum Sola Ray II panel, has only half the weight of the original Sola Ray panel making installation easier and quicker. In addition, the lower weight has improved performance by enabling the panels to heat rooms and people more rapidly and comfortably. Beyond the new performance improvement and installation ease, the ½” thin Sola Ray II is more visually attractive with a cleaner appearance than the original Sola Ray panel.

“Our customers asked for a heating panel that was easier to install, and we listened,” said Patrick. “But we didn’t stop there and also improved heating performance while making our ultra-thin ½” panels blend seamlessly into any room.”

Ducoterra is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of electric infrared heating panels for both residential and commercial buildings, offering an industry-leading 20-year warranty on its products. Sola Ray II panels are available from any of Ducoterra’s network of dealers and distributors throughout the United States. For additional information on Ducoterra and its Sola Ray II panels, or where to buy our panels, please visit us on our web site at http://www.ducoterra.com.

James Beebe
Olympia, WA
+1 (425) 785-2107

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