W Squared Media Group Releases Second eBook "Working the Web to Win, now available at Amazon

Released on: April 22, 2014, 1:28 pm (EDT)
Industry: Media

Jacksonville, Florida, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- W Squared Media Group, an Internet marketing agency, has released its latest eBook, "Working the Web to Win." The digital version is now available to download from Amazon.com for $4.99.

Following the success of its first eBook, "Internet Marketing Tips for the 21st Century," this book was also co-authored by Carl Weiss and Hector Cisneros, co-founders of W Squared Media Group.

“When it comes to working the Web to win, the only constant is change. It’s practically a full-time job keeping up with the ever-changing Internet,” says the company's CEO, Carl Weiss. “Most people don’t have time to do this. That’s why we produce our weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio. We take a bite out of the Web each and every week, covering topics from online marketing, to Internet security, to social networking and more. We do it in a format that's informative and entertaining. After two years of producing our show, we realized we had enough material to fill a book ... or two.”
“Working the Web is not for wimps,” adds Hector Cisneros, COO/Director of Social Media and co-founder. “No sooner do you get a bead on one form of online marketing, when another rears its ugly head. Just a few years ago it was much simpler to generate results online. Now, online marketing has become such a convoluted process that it's nearly impossible for individuals to keep current. To paraphrase what we said in the outset of the book, the question that many business owners need to ask themselves is, how can they realistically deal with an exponentially expanding Internet where the 'rules of engagement' are constantly shifting?”

Since Carl and Hector run a digital marketing agency, they find it necessary to continually research the Internet. What makes their approach unique is that they're able to take highly technical topics and make them understandable to the public. Their research has also allowed them to developed several proprietary processes designed to improve search ranking and garner followers, something every business needs today. They point out several of these methodologies in their new book.

Their pioneering efforts have not gone unnoticed. “Last year, we were awarded a Biz Tech award by the 'Jacksonville Business Journal' for ‘Best Use of Social Media,’” says Hector. "And the book is actually an outgrowth of our overall online marketing strategies. Over the past three years, we've been touting that content is king and showing our audience how to get their fair share of the online pie. In order to succeed online today you need to embrace all of the interactive forms of media that are available, including social media, blogging and video. Then you need to know how to optimize all of them so they'll be search engine-friendly."

Adds Carl: “In the book we take the reader behind the curtains at the major search engines in order to show what it now takes to get on Page One. Some of these tactics can take months of sustained labor and oftentimes involve a team effort. We also show them a number of shortcuts that can jump content onto Page One in as little as 24 hours. As we like to say, ‘There’s more than one way to skin a search engine.’ The important thing is, when it comes to working the Web to win, the search engines are no longer the be-all and end-all they once were. Our book is a practical guide that teaches readers a number of avenues that can get them into the game fast.”

They practice what they preach. Carl and Hector have recently started streaming every one of their BlogTalkRadio shows on YouTube.

Not only does this provide their audience with yet another way to access key information, but it also allows viewers to hear from industry experts, since most episodes now include guests.

The authors are already working on their next book, which will be culled from their ongoing show. “A year is a long time when it comes to the Internet,” explains Weiss. “We’re already looking two to three years into the future to make sure we stay ahead of our competition. This allows us to help our clients win the race for online success. As we like to say, ‘When it comes to working the Web to win, you can’t win if you don’t know how to play the game.'”

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For more information, contact:

Robert Kaye

Co-founded by Carl Weiss and Hector Cisneros, W Squared Media Group, LLC is an award-winning, all-digital Internet marketing agency. The Jacksonville, Florida-based firm specializes in cross-channel communications for the Internet. It provides clients with its proprietary marketing program that include Web design (Websites and landing pages), page optimization and pay-per-click, social media campaigns, blogging and content marketing, online video and video optimization, search directory marketing, mobile marketing and optimization, touch marketing, animation and 3D special effects.

W Squared Media Group, Robert Kaye 3740 Beach Boulevard, Ste. 306, Jacksonville, FL 32207
904/410.2091, robertk@workingthewebtowin.com, www.wsquaredmediagroup.com

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