SchedFox Introduces New Security Guard Scheduling Software

Released on: June 11, 2014, 5:32 am (EDT)
Industry: Software

Richardson, TX, USA, June 11, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- SchedFox has introduced a new security guard scheduling software that is expected to take away the snags and tardiness of all the currently available employee scheduling programs, and is simple, fast, user-friendly and trackable.

With its new security guard scheduling software, SchedFox hopes to eliminate the common confusions and inherent inefficiencies of the scheduling softwares that are largely in use today. With the new software, SchedFox expects to put an end to the frustrated users’ endless wait for the program to load followed by the long struggle of moving from screen to screen for making even slight changes in the employee schedules.

The new security guard scheduling software does not need the professional users to get updated with periodical training on its technical improvements, nor does it get jammed with errors every now and then, making it necessary for the users to get it corrected frequently.

According to the technical team of SchedFox, the new SchedFox security guard scheduling software is created so simply that anyone can use it, loads fast, and facilitates easy revision of existing schedules. The program is state-of-the-art and guarantees efficiency of scheduling and rescheduling. The software is so easily accessible through the internet that security guards and other concerned officers get updated on every minute change that occurs in the schedules in a timely manner. The software ensures speed, simplicity and efficiency which in turn ensure error-free and timely scheduling of security guards. This eliminates overstaffing, the need for working overtime, and the occurrence of client complaints, thus saving a lot of unnecessary and avoidable expenses and delays.

SchedFox’ new software can track errors and also identify who committed the errors in scheduling. This helps in identifying and removing snags in the system forever, which will in turn correct the system and save the company a lot of money which it would otherwise have paid for correcting the errors and in getting the employees trained periodically for every revision in the system.

The software has drag-and-drop features that make it simple to use and bring all relevant information about employees, clients and schedules to one’s fingertips. All information related to the employees or their schedules get easily conveyed. This reduces the need for appointing new staff members or the need for paying the existing employees for working extra time. The software is expected to remove the errors, stress, and unnecessary expenses that go into revising schedules. Being created by professionals who have hands-on experience in scheduling, rescheduling and disentangling employment scheduling issues, the software avoids all the usual hurdles of scheduling security guards to multiple locations and multiple shifts. For more information please visit

Jim Carroll
1616 Gateway Blvd
Richardson, TX 75080

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