Freshana Organic Solutions Announces Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Chemical Poisoning Awareness And Save Children’s Lives

Released on: August 28, 2014, 11:55 am (EDT)
Industry: Environment

Johns Creek, GA, August 28, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Freshana Organic Solutions, LLC / Freshana is embarking on a campaign to save children’s lives around the world, clean up the planet and improve the health of every person on Earth with Freshana’s patented 100% organic revolutionary line of cleaners for homes and businesses.

More than 800 children die every year just in the United States from poisonings. Freshana wants to change that staggering statistic forever.

Freshana, could stop all these senseless deaths of precious children in the future -- across the world -- by partnering with you, the homeowners, the businesses owner by joining together to bring truly effective and truly organic line of super cleaners into the world. Super cleaners so safe that they can be swallowed with ZERO side-effects. Protecting not only children, but everyone.

David Elmore, CEO of Freshana Organic Solutions stated, “Your donation of just $25 or more will get you some of our truly incredible cleaners — and join you to our mission for saving one child’s life, hundreds of lives, waterways, and much much more over the coming years.”

Freshana wants to raise public awareness and have you help stop that this alarming trend. Please visit Freshana’s Indiegogo campaign at to donate today. The campaign runs from Wednesday, August 27, 2014 through September 26, 2014.

Freshana’s eminent founding chemist, Dr. Robert Bayless has said, "It's about the kids; it's about the workers; it's above the environment…it's about EVERYTHING in the world, even air pollution!"

There is 10 years of hard science behind Freshana’s revolutionary organic cleaners, with chemists working in the lab with plants from around the world, until they finally had their "eureka" moment with 9 plants, in which they finally got nature to reveal her secrets on remediating hydrocarbons -- those molecular chains that make up oils, odors, greases, gases, waste byproducts and much more. Freshana’s 100% organic cleaners attack those hydrocarbons like nothing in the universe -- that we know of -- leaving your home and our environment and our kids SAFE and CLEAN!

NOTHING cleans like Freshana’s line of 100% natural cleaners. Let's tell the world about that. Let's get our Freshana organic cleaners out into the world -- and save lives and the environment!

Again, please visit Freshana’s Indiegogo campaign at and donate today. The campaign runs from Wednesday, August 27, 2014 through September 26, 2014.

About Freshana Organic Solutions, LLC: 100% Organic AND 100% Effective. The Finest All-Natural Cleaning Products on the Planet. FOS was established in April 2011 by world-renowned chemist Dr. Robert Bayless. With his microencapsulation process, Dr. Bayless helped in the 10 years it took scientists to develop the organic concentrate, which speeds up nature's natural process 1,000-fold. So organic and safe that the product themselves can even be drunk safely.

Though the USDA and other government entities allow companies to call their products "organic" if they have only 95% organic content and 5% chemicals, Freshana does not accept that designation as being safe for consumers. Freshana is 100% ALL natural, ALL the time, in ALL circumstances giving you 100% peace of mind.

Our goal is to make the world a safer, cleaner place. We aim to change the way people look at “organic.” No longer do you have to give up quality for safe cleaning. In other words, our Air Purifier & Cleaning Products work as well or BETTER than poison products — and they are totally organic and safe. Other major manufacturers of “odor eliminators” design products that don’t actually “eliminate”; they simply “mask” odors, propagating the environment with harsh chemicals and a strong “replacement” scent that is intended to only "disguise" the hydrocarbon odor. By only masking, these products infuse the environment with chemicals that can be harmful to people and pets or instigate a very strong allergic reaction.

Freshana products were designed specifically to correct this wrong, by using an ingenious and complex blend of natural ingredients and a state of the art microencapsulation process in a patented formula to eliminate the hydrocarbon odors and messes naturally and almost instantly.

eric.orsburn (at) Freshana (dot) com
855-FRESH60 (373-7460)
6470 E. Johns Crossing, Suite 190
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Contact-Details: Eric Orsburn, CMO

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