Skin wellness center adds NeoLTS light therapy for younger looking skin and hair

Released on: August 28, 2014, 12:05 pm (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Portsmouth, NH, August 28, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Skin Wellness Center at Atlantic Plastic Surgery has recently acquired NeoLTS, the newest and most sophisticated LED light therapy system. NeoLTS is FDA cleared and clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin and hair.

NeoLTS is the premier non-invasive treatment for nourishment of the scalp to prevent the continuation of thinning hair, correct acne and rejuvenate aging skin. Normal aging and excess sun exposure cause fine lines, pigmentation or age spots, and wrinkles that accumulate on the face, neck and upper chest. NeoLTS treatments reduce pigmentation, soften fine lines anywhere on the face, stimulate collagen production, and reduce inflammation (redness and swelling). Treatments also helps with any swelling or bruising after dermal injections.

Light Therapy is the process of exposing the skin to specific wavelengths (colors) of light to help the body combat the signs of aging and to heal faster and more effectively. The most common type of light therapy utilizes LED's or Light Emitting Diodes. LED light therapy has a dramatic effect on controlling the visible signs of aging including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and hair loss, to name a few.

NeoLTS uses three wavelengths of light: the blue light wavelength which treats mild to moderate acne, the red light wavelength which targets inflammation and the near infrared wavelength which stimulates the production of your skin's natural collagen and elastin and tissue production. These three wavelengths can be combined to treat specific skin or hair conditions.

NeoLTS treatments are appropriate for both men and women of all skin and hair types. NeoLTS provides long term results with a simple maintenance plan. Two treatments per week for 4 weeks promotes the body's natural cellular process.

The Benefits of NeoLTS include Improvement to the condition and appearance of hair and skin, long term results, no downtime, no side effects, no pain, no redness, and no irritation. Now, lights are now used to heal and repair skin and hair. NeoLTS improves skin tone, texture and overall clarity and has shown to increase hair thickness where here has been loss. For more information on light therapy for skin and hair rejuvenation, call Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center at 1-800-633-6860.

About Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center:
Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center is the practice of New Hampshire plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Gray, since 1985. Dr. Gray is nationally and internationally recognized as the inventor of the scarless breast reduction, a procedure that eliminates scars associated with the older, traditional method of breast reduction. He has a large following of satisfied patients from across New Hampshire, the United States and a number of foreign countries, who have sought him out for breast augmentation and scarless breast reduction. Dr. Gray teaches at educational conferences for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and at the International Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Mark Ballentyne is a highly skilled physician who has been Director of Medical Aesthetics at the Skin Wellness Center since 2003. Dr. Ballentyne is board-certified by the American Academy of Family Practice Physicians, is licensed to practice in New Hampshire and is certified by the Board of Aesthetic Medicine. He has established a strong reputation for his talent in administering dermal fillers, BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport injections, and Fraxel laser treatments and is a national trainer for Allergan. Dr. Brannon Claytor is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as in hand surgery. Dr. Claytor is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, offering patients a high level of skill, outstanding training and commitment to excellence in cosmetic, reconstructive and hand surgery. He completed an additional year of training in breast microsurgery, oncologic reconstruction and hand microsurgery at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and was on the teaching faculty of the Lahey Clinic Medical Center. For more details visit us at:


Contact-Details: Suzanne Foley
Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center
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