J. Walker releases new LP 'I'm a Christian'

Released on: October 02, 2014, 8:39 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Long Beach, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The rapper and producer of Christian hip hop known as J. Walker has released his latest LP album, “I'm a Christian.” The album is composed of 16 original tracks for a total listening time of one full hour. In addition to the considerable talents of J. Walker himself, the record also features the talents of Freeda, God's Mic, Martha Noelle, and the Lion's Den, a music label and collective of Christian musicians of which J. Walker is both founder and an active part. Expertly produced, earnestly performed and true to the heart and message of the Christian Bible, “I'm a Christian” is one of the most outspoken and courageous records to emerge from the gospel music genre in some time.

J. Walker (often stylized as J.Walker with no space) cites as main artistic influences such legends of the microphone as Tupac Shakur, Lecrae, Jahaziel, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, and Drake. His style of rapping shares many of the best attributes of these while adding a healthy portion of his own character, particularly in the way of lyrical content, something in which Walker has a motivating interest.

Speaking of the message and meaning of his new LP, Walker writes, “The album title is a response to the questions, 'Who are you?' and 'How do you identify yourself and find an identity?' My response is, 'I'm A Christian.'”

There's more to this statement than may appear at first. With his music, Walker intends not only to proclaim his faith but also to examine the Christian lifestyle and help define what it is to take up the mantle of Christ.

“The album challenges the view of who Christians are and what a Christian is,” Walker explains. “I share my imperfect nature and flaws with listeners as well as typical elements of the christian walk and struggle that other Christians will recognize and identify with.”

J. Walker's record reaches out to believers and seeks to soothe them. Like the Lion's Den from which he comes, “I'm a Christian” brings sympathy and support to the children of God all over the world, and it does so through powerfully direct lines and rhymes set against a booming back beat.

“I'm a Christian” by J. Walker is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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