Wrongful Auction Lawsuit Filed Against Public Storage

Released on: November 07, 2014, 11:42 am (EST)
Industry: Law

Los Angeles, CA, November 07, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- A wrongful self-storage auction lawsuit has been filed against Glendale-based Public Storage (NYSE:PSA) in Los Angeles Superior Court. Case #BC562265 alleges that a Public Storage customer who rented a storage unit from Public Storage was subjected to a wrongful storage contents auction in which her property was wrongfully auctioned off, in violation of California self-service storage laws. This wrongful auction involved the selling of property stored in a rented locker as well as a dispute over the sanitary conditions of the Public Storage facility located at 3625 S. Grand Avenue in Los Angeles.

The suit alleges that Public Storage failed to meet certain legal requirements before the plaintiff's personal property was auctioned off in violation of California's Self-Service Storage Act. Superior Court Case #BC562265 claims breach of contract, negligence, and conversion of goods and asks the courts to inflict severe punitive damages.

In support of the plaintiff's lawsuit, email correspondence from Denise Aguirre, Public Storage District Manager and Kathleen Jarnagin, Public Storage Regional Manager was submitted to support the plaintiff's claim that her goods and property were sold after she submitted a Declaration in Opposition to Lien Sale. A hearing on the lien sale was scheduled for December 30, 2014 yet Public Storage decided to auction off the plaintiff's personal property in advance of the hearing.

The lawsuit alleges the lien sale to be a clear violation of the California Self-Service Storage Facility Act which outlines a specific timeline storage operators must follow once a declaration in opposition to the lien sale is received.

Sherrie Daniels
Keys vs. PSA. Corp.
442 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(310) 462-2195


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