3DRacers Launches an Online Editor That Lets You Build Free 3D-Printable RC Cars

Released on: December 22, 2014, 9:49 am (EST)
Industry: Internet & Online

Rome, Italy, December 22, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- A new generation of 3D Printed products are about to hit the market, but none is like 3DRacers: a smartphone enabled 3D printed racing game, compatible with Arduino.

You can download and 3D print their cars online and for free: http://www.3dracers.com/editor

Presented during the Rome Maker Faire 2014 with an early beta, with 3DRacers you can drive small radio-controlled, fully 3D printed cars with your phone, or with a custom-built, and also 3D-printed, remote controller.

But what truly makes this product unique is that each car can be customized, with a choice from a range of accessories and car bodies, making each one a truly unique model.

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Italian team behind 3DRacers has today launched a Web-based editor: http://www.3dracers.com/editor, where users can create their car online and 3D-print it for free, or through their official print partner 3DHubs . These little multicoloured cars can be a nice, and cheap, present for kids and young adults.

“We designed a car that can race on every surface available in your home, so that you can build your tracks without limits, and race over (or under) sofas, cardboard, tables and beds,” says Marco D’Alia, founder of 3DRacers. “To achieve this we designed a car that had a good ground clearance, and could climb carpets or rough terrains. We experimented with several configurations of DC motors to achieve the right balance between battery life and power, and with different steering mechanisms that are both realistic and durable.”

Each 3DRacer is also powered by an electronic board designed by the team, and compatible with Arduino. With this board it’s possible to further customize the game, and even create a new type of Bluetooth-enabled vehicles.

“We have built a customized Arduino-based board, focused on low power consumption and a small form factor. The board can control up to two motors and three servos; has an embedded RGB LED; a battery charger; and a custom-made gate/position detector, and is programmable through a simple USB link.”

But the online editor, and the free creation of their cars, are only a small taster in anticipation of the final goal of the project. The team is working on an iOS/Android app that will let users compete against each other with automatic lap counters and race times, pit stops with simulated tires and fuel consumption gauges, and an online scoreboard.

“We think we have made a new kind of toy” continues Marco. “One that is fun like Mario Kart, but that you can play on your floor.”

And don’t worry if you tread on one of the miniature cars: you can just re-print it and get right back on the track.

Contact-Details: Marco D'Alia
Viale Europa 212
02032 Roma
+39 3282992573

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