Global {M} Partners with Digisheds: A ‘Help to Work’ Programme in London

Released on: December 16, 2014, 12:33 pm (EST)
Industry: Management

LONDON, December 16, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Innovative, inclusive and empowering, Digisheds has developed a 13 week programme to lower unemployment in the UK and help the long term unemployed get into work. And Global {M} are working alongside them! We will be helping to position candidates into permanent roles within big organisations.

Connecting local authorities, government and communities to deliver locally enhanced employability, enterprise and social innovation, Digisheds is a true game changer. It is a far more comprehensive model than other initiatives which are out there at the moment covering everything from personal development, corporate involvement and mentoring, through to physical space. Weeks 1-4 are heavily focused on discovery and finding out what makes candidates tick as well as general housekeeping such as CV building and interview techniques. The rest of the programme is tailored to individual needs and fostering one to one support systems.

With a 40% success rate from the two sessions run so far Digisheds has already proved itself to be a successful programme moving people into positive outcomes. By addressing gaps in care skills and issues relating to well being Digisheds leads the the integration of the unemployed into work, therefore removing dependency on benefits and providing skills to make individuals more attractive to prospective employers.

Digisheds provides a chance for businesses, large and small, to make a meaningful difference in their community, and there is more than just the CSR benefits. Candidates often know exactly which industry or company they want to get into, so require a mentor to inspire and show them the way. This can be an effective and rewarding leadership development opportunity for employees, moulding them into future leaders. Candidates will enter the organisation motivated, keen and work ready. Through the training they will have a deep understanding of the company and extensive preparation under their belt. Most importantly diversity is more than just a buzzword. It is common knowledge that in today’s workplace diversity is key to incorporating new ways of thinking, connecting with a wider audience and essentially taking business forward.

As Digisheds recruitment partner Global {M} will be sourcing opportunities for the candidates to be placed into on completion of the programme. We will build ongoing relationships with these companies to ensure repeat placement into roles and we will provide those involved with continual access to fresh talent pools.

Ultimately we are just glad to see some sincere CSR!

If you would like any more information on Digisheds or Global {M} please visit or drop an email to:

Contact-Details: Laura
89 worship street
Ec2a 2BF

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