Kickstarter campaign launch: EXPi- The World’s First Experiential Image Search Engine. “Experience the Search - Search the Experience”

Released on: December 22, 2014, 10:23 am (EST)
Industry: Internet & Online

Sarasota, FL, December 22, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Kickstarter campaign launch: EXPi- The World’s First Experiential Image Search Engine. “Experience the Search - Search the Experience”:

The young and talented EXPi team is raising the bar on the traditional web search with a search engine that promises to make “an experience” out of your ordinary image search.

The concept of the search engine application can be best described as the love child of a Google image search and a Vimeo experience, or as Pandora- with pictures. The EXPi delivers images of a searched word in a visually appealing slideshow, backed by a matching audio track. It allows you to modify, customize and save your search experience for further use.

The result is surprisingly moving as you end up “experiencing” your next vacation destination; seeing and hearing a montage of work by your favorite artist, or spacing out to the sights and sounds of your childhood city as they merge on your device.

EXPi can be used as a pleasant way to browse through hundreds of images in order to select just one, or as a backdrop for your romantic Italian dinner, complete with music and scenes of Tuscany streaming on your TV. This broad range of uses appeals to every internet user.

It is with this vision that the EXPi team aims to pioneer a whole new web search category-The "experiential" image search.

The concept creators and co-founders Veljko Savic and Marko Radovic, said:

“We believe that EXPi provides a new and fresh way to use already existing internet resources. Currently the internet offers a vast and sometimes overwhelming amount of information, and we see EXPi as a tool to make image and audio searches more effective and functional for every day users. EXPi enriches people's time in a fun, interactive and educational way and we are so excited to present it to the world.”

The EXPi search engine Kickstarter funding campaign starts on December 20th. Backers can expect a range of rewards, as well as be actively involved in the creation of the search engine application, becoming part of web history by collaborating with the EXPi team in their journey into the “experiential search” chapter of the web.

Further project information and press queries at:;
Tel: 941-544-5385

Contact-Details: Lara Savic,
EXPi Marketing Director

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