Rosellini Scientific Announces Acquisition of Synaptix, Appointment of Hartmut Spitaels as President

Released on: December 29, 2014, 4:03 pm (EST)
Industry: Healthcare

Rosellini Scientific acquires Synaptix, a Belgian based neuromodulation company with ISO 13485 accreditation. Hartmut Spitaels MSc.E, MBA is named President of Rosellini Scientific.

Dallas, TX, December 29, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Rosellini Scientific announced today that it has acquired Synaptix, a Belgian based company with a CE marked deep brain stimulation device, along with industry-leading design and manufacturing resources. Synaptix’s manufacturing capabilities are ISO 13485 accredited; the regulatory standard for medical devices. The company intends to repurpose the neuromodulation system to treat a number of neurological disorders, as well as other indications that are treatable with neuromodulation. The addition of these capabilities will bolster Rosellini Scientific’s portfolio of incubating neuromodulation companies. This marks the third acquisition Rosellini Scientific has completed since 2013.

At the core of Synaptix’s technology is a state-of-the-art programmable microchip (or ASIC), which serves as the engine for a general-purpose neurostimulation platform of the future. This versatile engine provides enabling capabilities for MRI safe neural stimulation, recording, and intelligent electrode programming; all adaptable to the industry’s shrinking form factors. The technology includes embedded software that allows for complete customization of output parameters for advanced waveform modes. These technologies combined with Rosellini Scientific’s intellectual property portfolio are expected to yield new neuromodulation spinouts.

Rosellini Scientific’s mission is to develop technologies restoring normal lives for patients, using the finest resources available. The company is addressing the rapidly growing neuromodulation market, already over $3 Billion, by merging intellectual property with Synaptix’s disruptive hardware and software technology platform. Rosellini Scientific generates and acquires intellectual property from leading universities and medical device manufacturers. In 2012 the company licensed 13 Medtronic patents relating to remote monitoring of implantable devices. Rosellini Scientific also works with medical device manufacturers to maintain their FDA approved devices and partners with inventors to commercialize new innovative therapies. This approach allows their emerging device companies to effectively implement the next generation of implantable device therapeutics.

Hartmut Spitaels MSc.E, MBA has been named President of Rosellini Scientific and is in charge of the daily operations. Spitaels had been the founder of Synaptix and has over 11 years of experience in implantable medical devices. Spitaels stated, “We will continue to focus on building a diversified portfolio of compelling assets in the implantable device field. This acquisition will enable us to bring our neuromodulation therapy to a greater number of patients that will benefit from it. We welcome opportunities to partner with inventors and physicians who share our belief that optimal medical therapy is patient-centric and will increasingly be delivered at point-of-care, as opposed to the confines of large hospitals. We expect our product development path to continue to focus on intelligent and networked implantable devices that change the standard of care in post-acute rehab settings.” Visit for more information.

William Rosellini
Rosellini Scientific
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Dallas, TX

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