Start-up PaperFlies launches inspiration feature for the wandering traveller

Released on: December 15, 2014, 10:20 am (EST)
Industry: Travel

Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 15, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Starting today the inspiration function of PaperFlies is ready for use. The flight ticket start-up targets wandering travellers that have no specific destination in mind.

Wanting to go travelling but not knowing where to go is a well-known problem for holiday goers. 61% use the internet as the most important source of inspiration.[1] Which city to choose for a city trip? What is the best destination for a Safari? Today answering these questions is made significantly simpler. The new inspiration function of PaperFlies compares travel period and flight ticket prices according to a travel theme. When the traveller chooses a theme for example a ‘city trip’ a personalised travel page is generated.

This page displays a minimum of 10 destinations with their respective prices. Perhaps you initially think that you will go for a weekend getaway to Rome, but through easy comparison of the possibilities you end up choosing Valencia. This way the traveller can let themselves be inspired by an unfamiliar destination or make a choice based on the cheapest price. In one feature inspiration is manifested into a choice.

“I was looking for an adventurous holiday; it took a week until I had found 6 possible destinations. Only after this the hunt for the cheapest price begins. It was clear that this process had to be improved.” - Jens Steenhuis (co-founder)

“We know that many people like to go on a citytrip. The majority have specific data but never a specific destination. They always have multiple destinations in mind and eventually let the price determine their choice. Our new inspiration tool is specifically designed for these types of travellers.” – Bob Stolk (co-founder)

Aside the choice from 12 travel categories it is also possible to create your own theme. This way the user can compare multiple of his favourite destinations with just one query. This means PaperFlies is the first flight ticket comparison site where the traveller is not limited to a single destination when searching.

About PaperFlies
2 years ago came in to existence due to the frustration about the ambiguity of the flight ticket market. Two young entrepreneurs (Jens Steenhuis and Bob Stolk) see it as their mission to bring clarity and transparency to the consumers. Many travellers already use the search algorithm, which daily offers the best deals. The inspiration function is the first step of making the deals more personalised.

Contact-Details: Jens Steenhuis

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